His and Hers…

For this round of Fit for a Princess (FFAP), Ravenna Rossini of Frogstar, designed a cute table with 2 coffee cups on it. The Ever After table comes in 3 versions, his & hers, his & his and hers & hers cups. The tablecloth changes colours/textures on a touch and is only 125L.

Frogstar @ Fit for a Princess

The Jewel Garden’s FFAP items are an Antique Hanging Lamp, a Hanging Flower Lamp and Spinning Flower light. When you touch the lights on all 3 items, the lights turn on and the flower spins slowly in a basket filled with water. Very pretty.

the Jewel Garden @ Fit for a Princess


The Art Corner – Flower IV by CabNoc Mistwalker
Krystal – Princess Study Small Table by Krystal Jenkins
Ohmai – Little Briar Rose Reed Diffuser by Anya Ohmai
Keke – Bottled Roses *red* by Kean Kelly
Floorplan – Boho Ivy Plant by Tegan Serin
StoraxTree – Feline Treasures Sleep *Siamese* by Kate McLaglen
The Jewel Garden – Antique Hanging Lamp, Hanging Flower Lamp and Spinning Flower Light by Phedre Rexie (new) Fit for a Princess
Frogstar – Ever After End Table by Ravenna Rosinni
(new) Fit for a Princess
What Next – Henley Rug by Winter Thorn
Ionic – Spirit Chair by lakua Arriaga