new friends and food too…

Sshhhh don’t tell the teacher but I played hooky and went to the carnival.  Of course I made a beeline for the food stall for some goodies and while there made a new friend with a cute baby elephant.

Today’s post has been brought to you by Xiasumi School Festival. My school uniform is from C’est la vie! It’s a cute one-piece with a hud to change skirt textures, blouse textures and both tie and ribbon textures. I love the different colour plaids you can change the skirt and ribbon into especially. Wasabi Pills provides the cute new girly hairstyle that flatters me so. 😉 And I’m loving my shoes and socks by VCO. I need to get a few more colours.

a new friend...

Now onto the food. The 2 little ghosts are acting as security I see. There’s so much to choose from and knowing me I’ll want one of everything! On the top shelf is the Girl Onigiri Rice Balls Kyaraben Bento and the Boy Onigiri Bento by Imeka, the Moo Moo Juices by Flowey and the Butter Bear’s by Nach. Second shelf holds the Yummy Halloween Bento by Imeka on the left and on the right and bottom shelf has Rising Sun Delicacies by 8f8.

Imeka @ Xiasumi School Festival

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