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Over at Romp Fresh, Hopscotch has 2 items set out for the event. The first is a beautiful human-size display case, available in dark wood or white wood. The display case includes 14 poses, a combination of cute poses and poses for the more adventurous. Also available is a Blindfold Visor. The visor comes in both male and female sizes with a hud for customization. Included are material/non-material versions and RLV/non-RLV versions in both sizes.

Hopscotch @ Romp Fresh

Hopscotch @ Romp Fresh

Glam Affair – Gemma skin by Aida Ewing
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Elua – Hollis hair by Miu Edman (new) Chapter 4
Junbug – Betty’s Boudior by Juno Martel
Mon Cheri – Stockings from Sweet Nothings Lingerie Set by Freya Olivieri
Hopscotch – Blindfold Visor by Chandni Khondji (new) Romp Fresh
Lassitude & Ennui – Marquise boots by Jackal Ennui
Yummy – Diamond Chandelier Earrings and Pearl & Diamond Bracelet & Necklace by Polyester Partridge
Hopscotch – Pretty Doll Display Case by Chandni Khondji (new) Romp Fresh

location: Lea 7

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