Maybe ghosts just want to dance!

Living with a ghost isn’t scary at all. The ghost I live with just wants a dance partner and I indulge it. Besides, I love to dance as well.

ghost dancing...

These wonderful poses come from NanTra at this month’s Collab88. The pose pack is called Illuminati and includes 8 static poses plus their mirrors and a mesh ghost for each pose.

ghost dancing...

This pose pack is wonderful and you still have about 2 weeks to pick it up over at Collab88.

ghost dancing...

Clef de Peau – jemma skin by Marcopol Oh
IKON – Ascension eyes *ice* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
Tuli – Eyeliner 2 and Beauty Marks 2 by Tuli Asturias
Mina – Ilse hair by Mina Nakamura
Petite Mort – Victoria Dress *gold* and Victoria Boots *camel* by insilvermoonlight (new) Mesh Ave.
Dead Dollz – The Miller’s Daughter Choker by Kiddo Oh
NanTra – Illuminati pose pack by Nancoix Urquan (new) Collab88

location: Never Totally Dead

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