See better with Glimmer Eyes

The Little Bat released very pretty Glimmer Eyes for the current round of Suicide Dollz. The mesh eyes include a hud that allows you to change the left and right eye separately, giving you the choice to wear the same colour to 2 different colours at once. There are 12 colours for each eye and also 12 layers for default avatar.

Glimmer Eyes by The Little Bat

The Little Bat @ Suicide Dollz
eula @ The Project Se7en
Katat0nik @ Magic of Oz Easter Hunt

Glam Affair
Illusory (closed)
Le Poppycock

One thought on “See better with Glimmer Eyes

  1. Eine Kette finde dich super, davon hab ich auch erst 100 Stück So eine tolle aber noch nicht, daher drück ich jetzt mal fest die Daumen und hoffe auf ein bisschen GlÂÃc¼ƒk.

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