They Live Among Us!

Horrorfest is almost over, there are only 6 days left (it ends Friday, Nov 8th). I want to take this time to thank the Horrorfest team for organizing such a great event. They’ve put a lot of hard work into this to make it run as smooth as possible and they’ve done an amazing job. Another thanks goes out to all the vendors who participated. You’ve given us all wonderful items to choose from and I know everybody appreciates it. Lastly, I want to thank all the visitors who’ve come and shopped (and will continue to do so this week) because it’s all going to such a great cause, The Epilepsy Therapy Project. So, it’s a big YAY! from me. 🙂

One of Second Life’s longest shops is Curio Obscura. I can remember back in 2007 when I first joined visiting this shop and buying a settee. You can find some of the grid’s unexpected delights at this shop and right here at Horrorfest. They charity item is the Venus Mouthface (photo 4), which 100% of proceeds goes towards it. I’m also showing Grinder Mouthface, Hungry Mouthface and Cthulhuface. All 4 items come in 6 skin tones which are retintable and reskinnable. There are rigged and non-rigged mesh of each, both for men and female.

The scariest monsters are those that live among us. They have been blending into our society for hundreds of years, disguised as ordinary citizens of the world and when our defenses are down, that’s when they strike. I happened to catch 4 photos of such creatures. So stay alert and trust no one!

(please click photos to see larger sizes for better detail.)

They Live Among Us!

They Live Among Us!

They Live Among Us!


Horrorfest Credits LM

Curio Obscura: Venus Mouthface, Grinder Mouthface, Hungry Mouthface and Cthulhuface

Other Credits

skin: Glam Affair – Cleo *artic*
hair: Miriel – Gibson Girl Hair *raven* (1) and Chestnut (4) (closed), elikatira – Away *black* (2) and Truth – Carrie *black* (3)
outfits: Edelweiss – yukata usagi (1), la petite morte – Steampunk Outfit (2) @ Genre, Sakide – Vibrant Death Long Dress (3) and The Muses – Susanna *brown* (4) (old genre round, not available)
feet: SLink – Flat Mesh Feet (1)
shoes: SLink – Suki Geta *black* (1), G Field – Short Laceup Boots *black* (2)
jewelry: Snatch – Lanquid Gothic Ribbon Choker (3) and Auxiliary – Coffin Earrings (3)
poses: Marukin (photos 1, 4) and LAP (photo 3) (closed) – (photo 2 pose with chair)

Another night of hunting

Just like every single night for the past millennia I have been scouring the earth slaying creatures of unknown origins. Protecting humanity even though they have deemed me a demon and have shunned me and those of my kind from society. We hide in the shadows and do our work at the darkest of hours.

I’ve become a little hungry and light headed. The last creature I fought was a little more than I am used to handling but in the end I slaughtered him with my poisonous fangs and nails. I come across this human, unconscious; she does look quite tasty. We are forbidden to feed on humans but I never really abided by that law. I got closer to her and drained just a little bit of her life force.

I could feel the extra burst of energy and my wounds healed up quickly. It was like a rush and I couldn’t help thinking about all the emotions I shared with the human through the experience. It appeared that she had given up hope so as a parting gift I inspired her to pursue her happiness.
It is autumn so I decided to pull out my favorite necklace by Atooly and my outfit from Schadenfreude. A girl needs some tights on these brisk nights so I wore the ones I got from Atooly and my fave boots from Curio Obsura. Now the little details, makeup was created by the lovely Fricka Morgath of Frick! and the manicure was done by Autumnn Amaranth of Wicked Peach. Last but not least my ghastly details, my morbid smile is courtesy of GAUZE and my bloody hair is from Alice Project.

So here is a closeup of the tights from Atooly and the boots from Curio Obscura.

And last but not least the lovely manicure by Wicked Peach!

Items Available @ Horrorfest

  • [ bubble ] Skully Flower Hairpin -Purple V2
  • Schadenfreude Underbust Corset, short ribbon

Items given as Bloggers Copy

  • [Atooly] Cute Little Pumpkins – Baby Black RARE
  • [Atooly] Tights – Pink
  • {Frick} Creepy Addon Bits
  • {Frick} Maexxna Makeup Layer – Red (Darker)

Other Items Worn:

  • Jacket: Schadenfreude Hot Pink Moroi Jacket, jacket
  • Lingerie Top: Schadenfreude Starlust Nephila Merry Widow, shirt
  • 2.0 Makeup: .tsg. Tintable Textured Blush – Heavy & .tsg. Lovely Sheer Chapstick – Bare T (Light) *Tintable*
  • Hair: *Alice Project* Delilah [S] – Bloody Brown
  • Mesh Eyelashes: ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (papilion black)
  • Boots: Curio Obscura – Abomination Peeper Pink Boot (prior gacha item)
  • Skirt: Schadenfreude Black Hot Pink Striges Skirt
  • Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
  • Prim Smile: [Gauze] Nightmare – Fangy – F
  • Skin: .tsg. Luna :: Vampy :: Bust :: Brows :: T – Soft
  • Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes – Banshee (ML)

Poses: Atooly

More scary goodness at Horrorfest

Horrorfest ends November 8th so you still have just over a week to get down there if you haven’t had a chance yet. Lots of people have already been there and still more are piling in. I visit almost everyday walking around the booths and still see things I want each time.

I love Contraption and they have 2 items for the Epilepsy Therapy Project. 100% of the proceeds from the Cannibals Mesh Mask and 25% of The Carnivorous Mesh Jaw go towards the charity. Both items are materials enabled.

The Cannibals Mask comes in 3 versions and a broken mask, both bloody and clean. The Carnivorous Jaw has 5 expressions (clean and bloody). I love this jaw, I’ve been wearing it all week and just put it back on a few minutes ago to go out and about the grid. 😉

(click photos to see larger versions of them)

Horrorfest - Contraption and Chaos Panic & Disorder

You’ll find some wonderful jewelry at Chaos, Panic & Disorder’s booth. You’ll find both male and female versions of a lot of their jewelry. Their charity item is the Arachnophobia Necklace & Bracelet (see necklace in photo above with Carnivorous Jaw) (click photo for a larger view of necklace). Their hunt gift is a cute spider choker and their gatcha item are Bat Chokers with different coloured stones (no photo).

They also have a cute women’s Halloween Tank that comes with a hud and you can choose up to 6 different designs (below in corvus skirt photo is the tank with the skeleton design). The tank is mesh and comes in the standard mesh sizes. Lastly, I couldn’t resist the Bela Morte Set (bracelet, earrings and choker). It’s a black choker with a skull dangling from it, skull bracelet and earrings (see corvus top photo below or above with Cannibals Mask).

Horrorfest - Chaos Panic & Disorder

Corvus’ charity item is this gorgeous Darkness Long Skirt. It’s a long layered skirt with different textures/colors and a belt and 100% of proceeds go to the charity. I could not resist the Muerto Jane Top. Not only was it the design but for some reason, the blue drew me to it. Both items are mesh and come in all standard sizes.

Horrorfest - Corvus and Chaos Panic & Disorder

Lastly, Show Me On The Doll has this fantastic Malachi Outfit for their hunt gift. It comes with a pumpkin head and a scythe. You certainly don’t want to meet this person in a dark alley or corn field. 😉

Horrorfest - Show Me on the Doll

Horrorfest Items LM

[ContraptioN]: The Cannibals Mesh Mask and The Carnivorous Mesh Jaw
Chaos, Panic & Disorder: Arachnophobia Set, Halloween Women’s Tank, Spider Choker and Bela Morte Set
Corvus: Darkness Long Skirt and Muerte Jane Top
Show Me On The Doll: Malachi Outfit (includes pumpkin head)

Other Credits

skin: Essences – Whisper *goth*
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Bright *foggy morning*
tattoo: Corvus – Cheek Scars
boots: [0N] – Wo Boots Gomi (closed)
hair: elikatira – Later *black* and Alice Project – Delilah *bloody blonde* (special hair for halloween)
poses: Juxtapose/inclds axe (photo with pumpkinhead) and Marukin (all others)

Dilly Dolls and The Plastik at Horrorfest

Dilly Dolls, always a favourite, is one of the shops participating at Horrorfest this year. Their exclusive items for the event are the Calypso Ombre Ankle Boots, which 100% of proceeds go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project, and the Calypso Ombre Boots (25% to the charity). Both boots come with colour changing huds and in the standard mesh sizes. I love the fit and look of the sexy corset and matching sleeves, with a halloween theme, in violet and orange which you’ll only find at horrorfest. Also at the booth you’ll find the very cute “This is Halloween-ish dress. It comes with a colour-changing hud and standard mesh sizes.

Dilly Dolls at Horrorfest

Dilly Dolls at Horrorfest

Dilly Dolls at Horrorfest

The Plastik has the sexy Viviane dress in the “headshot” design as the event exclusive with 100% proceeds (pictured below) going to the charity. The dress also comes in about 7 or 8 other designs and standard mesh sizes. I love the sexiness of this dress; it has a bare back and hugs your body in all the right places. There is also some eyemakeup at the booth, which my co-blogger Lola has already blogged (though I am wearing some of them in the photos in this post).

The Plastik at Horrorfest

Horrorfest Credits LM

Dilly Dolls: Vivian Halloween Corset *violet*, Calypso Ombre Ankle Boots *green*, Calpyso Ombre Boots *orange* and This is Halloweenish Dress *pink*
The Plastik: Viviane *Headshot* and Foxxe Eyemakeup
Ellabella: Night Necklace – Chitin

Other Credits

skin: Glam Affair – Lulu *europa*
eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes *green*
lips: Illusory – Love Lips *grape & eclipse* (closed)
pants: R3volt – Mackenzie Pants *group gift*
hair: Truth – Stehpania and elikatira – Thrive
stockings: blowpop – Seamed Fishnet Tights
necklace: Common Sense – Cut Off Cameo (new) Oh My Gacha
bracelets: Cute Poison – Fragmented Bracelets
poses:, Marukin and Olive Juice (boots)

The Dark Lolita

The little mistress prepares for the evening, she carefully dresses herself in traditional clothing of the village. Her skin was as beautiful as porcelain and her taste in makeup was a bit unique. As she delicately placed her fascinator on her head and moved the veil to only cover a small portion of her face she was ready for the evening.

This particular outfit was carefully created by moonbubble gothly for the store [bubble] and the mistress was quite pleased with her dark gothic Viktoria outfit.


She spent countless hours speaking to the lovely creator and convinced her that a set that included boots would fly off the shelves. But little did moonbubble know….the little mistress actually meant they would actually fly 😉 See, the little mistress had a unique gift which made a lot of the kinsfolk afraid of her. She spoke the truth and often had visions of the future. She also had other talents that were part of her unique family line. She had caught the eye of the nobleman in her village but only one fascinated her. He was the only one she could not see his future and this fact consumed her thoughts. The way she did her eye makeup was with a skillful artistic hand thanks to Aikea Rieko of [Plastik].


She had the ability to change her hairstyle with a simple brushing of her hair. It was one of her unique talents and the kinsfolk all thought it was odd how she walked the streets with multicolored hair. Although in secret, they all wanted to have their hair just like her. This evening she presented her outfit to her spouse and to her dismay he was not pleased with her all black outfit. He exclaimed “Why do you always insist on wearing black? Why don’t you wear that lovely dress I got you from the same store?” So the little mistress went back into the bedroom and put on the Porphyria outfit, which looks exactly like the one she just had one but in sepia.


Since she changed her outfit, of course she had to change her hairstyle and makeup.

The mistress and her nobleman went off to beautiful opera performance followed by a lovely romantic dinner. Little did the nobleman know, that when he got home he would not live long. You see the little mistress had a deep dark secret and shocking it was that night she would evolve into the next corporeal version of herself. The little mistress was not a witch, but instead she was a sorceress. One of the strongest sorceress’ of that era and in order for her to garner the power she needed to perform a ceremonial act. She was quite naive and was unaware that her elders had lied to her about what would happen to her beloved nobleman. As she performed the ceremony she could feel his pain and his death as she was acquiring her powers. Once the ceremony was complete she also gained the ability to read others minds and quickly found out the elders had lied to her and she punished them fervently. She stood next to her beloved nobleman and did the unthinkable, she resurrected him. Alas, he wasn’t the same man as he was when he was living. She was ok with this new version of her nobleman because now she was the dominant figure and he always had to do her bidding. The End!

So woohooo pick up these awesome dresses at the [BUBBLE] booth at Horror Fest: HERE. You still got until the 8th of November to pick up these awesome items and many more.

P.S. Did you know that there is a grid-wide hunt for Horror Fest….get the deets HERE, oh and as you walk towards the main building for Horror Fest there are gacha machines outside.

Items @ Horror Fest:
Outfit: [ bubble ] Viktoria Outfit & [ bubble ] Porphyria Outfit (available at [bubble] booth at Horror Fest)
2.0 Makeup: :[P]:- Foxxe Makeups:// Nightmare & :[P]:- Foxxe Makeups:// Wither (available at [Plastik] booth at Horror Fest)

Other Items Worn:
Hair: (r)M Hair No.13’13 ~ o4.5-Fantasy & (r)M ~ Hair No.20 ~ Lavender (Black)
Skin: .tsg. Luna :: Vampy :: Bust :: Brows :: NT – Toned
Eyes: .tsg. Luminate – Lavendar
2.0 Makeup: .tsg. Dolly Lips – Bitten T2 (Light; A&X Tone)

Poses: and Hopscotch

Sisters of the Moon at Horrorfest

Papermoon has released the gorgeous Sisters of the Moon headpieces for Horrorfest. Sister Autumn is the exclusive with 100% of the proceeds going to the Epilepsy Therapy Project. The beautiful yellow roses are tinged with orange and bits of orange and green leaves and a yellow drop stone hangs from the centre of the piece.

At the booth you can also purchase Sister Crow, Sister Rat and Sister Deer headpieces. Sister Crow has a crow skull and horns with black chains fastening blood red flowers to each side and a tear-drop stone dangles from the beak. Sister Deer is a deer skull and antlers with wings on the side fastened with chains and pearls. And Sister Rat is a rat skull and black horns with draped pearls fastening white roses to the skull.

All 4 headpieces are perfect for all your roleplaying needs or if you just want something beautiful sitting on your head.

(click photos to go to flickr and see larger photos for better detail of headpieces.)

Sisters of the Moon at Horrorfest

Sisters of the Moon at Horrorfest

Horrorfest Credits LM

Papermoon: Sisters of the Moon – Autumn, The Crow, The Deer, The Rat

Other Credits

Photo 1:
skin: Glam Affair – Lulu *europa*
eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes *green*
makeup: Pink Fuel – Juicy Gloss *apple* / Tuli – Eyeliner / Glam Affair – Lucy Moles
hair: LeLutka – Canto *irishred*
necklace: The Forge – Boadicea’s Necklace *copper*
dress: The Muses – Margaret Dress *autumn*
pose: LAP (closed)

Photo 2:
skins: Ugly Duck – Soko *drowsy* and Emily *tired eyes*
eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes *ice* and Perspective Eyes *oxidation*
makeups: La Malvada Mujer – argentoLiquido #4 / Leafy – Lip Gloss *ice* (closed?) / Atomic – 2.0 Victim Makeup – Silverlining (Eyes) (closed) / Essences – Hangover Lipstick / Illusory – Love Lips *brown sugar* (closed) / Tuli – Eyeliner
hair: Exile – Desperately Wanting *light blondes* / Magika – Yesterday *white* / [monso] – My Hair Khaleesi *dark blondes*
dresses: Zaara – Vayu Dress *breeze* / Evie’s Closet – Fable *halloween 2010* / Sweet Lies Design – Dalla Outfit *brown*
necklace: Illusions – Orinthia Puro Necklace
poses: Posies (closed) / Olive Juice

The Zombie Queen and the Black Widow

This is officially my second post for Horrorfest and I will be covering items from Malfean Visions [M.V.] and also from AZE Jewelry, I also ventured into a little decor because no queen or widower would be complete without a nicely furnished house.

Well let me start you off with my first look, the Zombie Queen. She isn’t your typical run of the mill queen. She enjoys shopping, decorating, and sometimes eats her neighbors brains. She has her own hoard of zombie minions who do as she says. Although those who refuse become lovely attire for her to wear, and she does love to keep her attire fresh and new.
Zombie Queen

She is somewhat a sloppy eater, she doesn’t use mirrors because seriously she is the most beautiful being in the zombie kingdom, why would she need one? Her minions fix her makeup and hair everyday.
Zombie Queen

Sometimes the Zombie Queen gets lonely and looks forward to another presence of a strong female in the household. So she invited the Black Widow to become her roommate. The two were a venomous match made in hell. With the Zombie Queens lust for blood and brains and the Black Widows lust for lovers a plenty, they became the most revered household on the block. They had the best parties and well the guests unknowingly became either minions or their prey.
MV Widowmaker Corset

The Widowmaker looks like any other goth, but her trademark item was the widowmaker waist cincher she wore. The distinct pattern was not seen on any corsets because if anyone attempted to make one she would send out her children to kill them. Just like any other fashionable woman, she adored jewelry and makeup.
The jewelry in the picture below is by AZE Designs and the eyeshadow is by Plastik.
MV Widowmaker Corset

The roommates love collecting horror themed decor so its no surprise they have items from Beach Street, Backwoods Mafia, Half-Deer, and Adore & Abhor.
More Decorative Items

I bet you are wondering where to get all these awesome items I listed above, well now that Horror Fest is officially open you can snag them HERE

Items from Horror Fest:

  • +>A&A<+ Jeepers Creepers Dolls ltd/ed. – Pirate & Devil
  • [][] bs [][] – coffin jewelry box (purple)
  • [][] bs [][] – bloody branch decoration
  • [][] bs [][] – broom rides board sign (horrorfest hunt item)
  • Closed coffin with candles and skull. Backwoods mafia
  • +Half-Deer+ Terror Table – Black/Black Legs
  • :{MV}: Zombie Grabass (includes gloves & boots)
  • AZE Yum Kimil Maya Jade & Gold Bracelets
  • AZE Yum Kimil Maya Jade & Gold Earrings
  • AZE Yum Kimil Maya Jade & Gold Necklace
  • {MV}: Widowmaker Cincher (M)
  • :[P]:- Foxxe Makeups:// Fright

Other Items Worn:

  • 2.0 Tattoo Layer: MIASNOW Skin ADD-ON – ZOMBA Bloody Mess (tinted red); Schadenfreude Light Lashes
  • Hair: *TSM* Warpath V1 – L.E. Red/Orange; *Alice Project* Demonia
  • Eyes: .tsg. Luminate – Lavendar
  • Skin: Essences – Qopi 03 *ivoire* cranberry (available at TDR) ; .tsg. Luna :: Vampy :: Bust :: Brows :: NT – Toned (lucky chair version)
  • Shirt: :{MV}: Vee Latex (Top) Onyx
  • Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – The War Against Om, op 1 [Worn]
  • Skirt: :{MV}: Access Skirt (S) Noir
  • Heels: :{MV}: Gilded Toxic

Poses used: [Atooly], Vanity Poses

Clowns and mad mad maids

I love MiaSnow Myriam’s artwork and have been a fan of her skins since I joined SL in 2007. MiaSnow is always my first place to go when I am looking for a different type of skin and own several. Her work is unique and first rate so I was soooooo excited to see her clown skin at Horrorfest.

The skins and makeup come separately so if you only want one thing you don’t have to purchase everything, but I do believe you’ll want it all. 😉 There are several versions of the Candy Clown skins (clean, with big red nose, with small red nose, etc) and SLink appliers and lola tangos appliers come with the skins. There are the incredible Candy Clown Lases which 100% of the proceeds go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project charity. There’s the Candy Clown Makeup, Candy Lips Pack and a Fright Night set of makeup. Her hunt item is the Bloody Clown makeup.

All the makeups come on tattoo layers so it’s easy to mix and match; some are even combined to save add-on space. Just ADD to layer everything up to get your looks. I’m a clown lover so this is right up my alley!

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

Ilaya has a great set of poses called Bloody Maid which includes a mesh knife. These are fun poses. There is even a Maid Dress Bloody that goes perfect with the theme; it comes in 3 colours and standard mesh sizes. A knife even comes with these dresses. There is a white version of the Maid Dress that is Ilaya’s hunt gift. The exclusive item is a pretty orange Knit Skull Top which 100% of the proceeds go to the charity.

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

MiaSnow & Ilaya at Horrorfest

Horrorfest Credts LM

MiaSnow: Candy Clown Skins, Candy Clown Lashes, Fright Night Makeup, Candy Clown Makeup, Candy Lips Pack and Bloody Clown Makeup
Ilaya: Knit Skull Top *orange*, Bloody Maid Poses, Maid Dress Bloody *blue*

Other Credits

hair: BP* – Big Bomb Hair (no longer available) and MiaSnow – Wild Woman
outfit: [bubble] – Collar & Hat of Lolita Clown Outfit
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Bright *foggy morning*
stockings: erratic – Ripped Stockings *black*
shoes: Jeepers Creepers – Black Betty (no longer available)
other poses: Flowey and Imeka

More Horrorfest for you!

Horrorfest is going strong and how can it not with shops like LouLou&Co, Cute Poison and yumyums designing some deliciously creepy items for us.

LouLou&Co’s exclusive item for the Epilepsy Therapy Project is the gothicly pretty Ginger Dress *skulls*. The dress comes clean and splattered in blood and 100% proceeds go to the charity. There are also other colours/textures of the Ginger dress available as well.

LouLou&Co, Cute Poison, {yumyums} at Horrorfest

Cute Poison’s item for the charity is the awesome Graveyard Ring. It comes in a dark and light version. See photos for a closeup shot of the ring. They also have a gatcha filled with Horror Necklaces (with red or black bows).

Cute Poison at Horrorfest

Cute Poison at Horrorfest

Then there’s {yumyums] and the wonderfully Creepy Doll Skin. I love the creepiness of the face; all the appliers come with it. 100% of proceeds for the skin are going to the charity and 50% of the hard candy purses. The Hard Candy Purses come in two colours, pumpkin and zombie, and 3 versions of each, swirl, face and plain.

LouLou&Co, Cute Poison, {yumyums} at Horrorfest

{yumyums} at Horrorfest

Lastly, not a horrorfest item, but these new shoes I LOVE. They are from BCC and are currently at the Mini Market. These black ones have a devil’s wing to them, there’s a star one and I belive 2 angel wings. They are made for SLink feet. Also a hud changes the heel and bottom of shoe to a wooden colour and the colour of the shoe (in my case black).

BCC at Mini Market

Horrorfest Credits (LM)

LouLouCo: Ginger Dress *skulls*
Cute Poison: The Graveyard Ring and Horror Necklacts (gatcha)
{yumyums}: Hard Candy Purses and Creepy Doll Skin

Other Credits

eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Bright *foggy morning*
hair: eha – Sang *black* (closed)
feet: SLink – Mesh Medium Feet
shoes: BCC – La Luna Strap Heel *black* (new) Mini Market
poses: Imeka

Faster Pussycat, Souzou Eien & ISD at Horrorfest

Horrorfest opens tomorrow and I can hear the screams of YAY already. There is a lot of fantastic shops taking part for this charity event, of which The Epilepsy Therapy Project is the charity.

Faster Pussycat has some really sexy clothing out. The Kawaii mesh corset I’m wearing is in Cameo. It comes with bows, stockings and panties and comes in several designs. The Ballerina Dress is adorable, has a mesh flower brooch across the top of the dress and comes in several colours, my particular favourite is the navy & stripes. The fishnet stockings and bracelets come with each dress. All 3 items come in the standard mesh sizes. Also coming from Faster Pussycat is the Heartbroken Crown with a pumping heart. Really creepy in a good way!

Souzou Eien has released the beautiful Elegant Throat Corset which comes in 4 textures (Charlotte, Velveteen, Gothic & Delicate Lace). I’m wearing the Delicate Lace and Velveteen in the photos. Each comes with a hud to change colours of both the corset and lace so you can mix & match colours or remove the lace altogether). These are mesh and come in standard sizes and are both for men and women.

ISD’s Death Grip Choker and Earrings are stunning. Again they are mesh and the choker comes in various sizes. There are 4 colours for the choker/earrings (Death & Blood are what I’m wearing below). You can purchase as a set or purchase each separately. I love them.

Faster Pussycat, ISD, Souzou Eien at Horrorfest

Faster Pussycat, ISD, Souzou Eien at Horrorfest

Horrorfest Credits (slurl comes tomorrow)

Faster Pussycat: Kawaii Mesh Corset *Cameo*, Valar Dress *black and navy & stripes*, Heartbroken Crown (new)
Souzou Eien: Elegant Throat Corset *Velveteen and Delicate Lace* (new)
ISD: Death Grip Choker & Earrings *Blood and Death* (new)

Other Credits

skin: Essences – Whisper Goth *light rose*
eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes *ice*
makeup: Tuli – Eyeliner and Essences – Song Lipgloss 2
hair: MiaSnow – Wild Woman
poses: LAP (closed) , Olive Juice and Slouch