she comes with winter…

Hart Larsson of PXL has created a new skin tone for his beautiful Mia skin for this round of We Love Roleplay. The skin has a light bluish tinge to it and comes in 4 makeups. Each makeup includes 5 eyebrow options and is available at 25% off regular price. Extra lipsticks and SLink appliers for this tone are sold separately in the booth.

elven princess closeup...

PXL @ We Love Roleplay

Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz designed a pretty gown with a long crinkled skirt and cutout top. The gown comes in 3 colours (aqua, violet and gold) at a discounted price at We Love Roleplay.

elven princess...

Dead Dollz @ We Love Roleplay

PXL – Mia Winter skin by Hart Larsson (new) We Love Roleplay
IKON – Deadshine eyes *blue* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Mandala – Steking Ears by Kikunosuke Eel
Tableau Vivant – Keiran hair by M4ri1yn Magic (new) We Love Roleplay
Dead Dollz – Valyria Gown by Kiddo Oh (new) We Love Roleplay
Sax Shepherd Designs – Devi Jewels Parvati headpiece by Sax Shepherd
Flowey poses by Flutter Memel

location: The Pines at Jacob’s Pond

And a new year begins…

…and out first event is underway.  Uber began a few days ago and this round’s theme is “opulence”.  Hart Larsson of PXL has his beautiful Mia Opulence skin at the event.  It comes in 4 skin tones with 4 makeups of each tone.  Each makeup includes 5 eyebrow options, moles, freckles and cleavage layers. In the photo below are the 4 makeups in one of the skin tones available.

PXL @ Uber

Continuing with Sax Shepherd Designs’ Aphrodite collection from the last post, today I bring you the stunning Aphrodite Jeweled Stilettos. The shoes are designed for the SLink high feet, are 100% original mesh, materials enabled and feature an anklet of jewels cascading down into a stiletto heel. They are available in four metals, four satins and a special mirror lamé. They can also be purchased in packs which include the Decadence pack (the 4 metals), the Bridal pack (the satins) and the fat pack (all the shoes). The accompanying hud allows resizing and jewel changing which include diamonds, pearls, ruby and onyx. Single pairs go for $599L, bridal pack is $999L, decadence pack $1299L and fat pack for $1999L.

Jeweled Stilletos by Sax Shepherd Designs

PXL – Mia Opulence skin by Hart Larsson (new) Uber
IKON – Promise eyes *brown* by Ikon Innovia
annaA – Claudia Shape by Annalesca Ashbourne
SLink – Mesh Hands, High Mesh Feet and Physique (shoe closeups only) by Siddean Munro
Exile – Kissing Strangers hair by Kavar Cleanslate
League – Yve Pencil Dress *crimson* by Nena Janus
Sax Shepherd Designs – Aphrodite Jeweled Stiletto (new) Sax Shepherd
Izzie’s – Chunky Chain Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings by Izzie Button
Manifeste poses by July Raymaker

ruling winter…

It is time for the Snow Princess to learn to rule winter. So for the next 3 to 4 months she will spend her time with Mother Nature in the cold, stark, winter landscape learning to harness it’s powers to be used for good (of course). 😉

snow princess...

Evie’s Closet has released another stunning gown at We Love Roleplay. Sylfai is a long, puffy gown trimmed in lace and roses. There are two colours available, Primrose (palest of pink) and Snowdrop (palest of blue), with 2 rose attachments, in the standard mesh sizes. If you really want this gown, get it now while this round of We Love Roleplay is still running because it is 35% off the regular price until the end of the event.

Evie's Closet @ We Love Roleplay

My beautiful skin also can be found at We Love Roleplay. The Mia skin , We Love Roleplay version, comes in 3 skin tones – pale, pink and blue. Each skin tone comes in 3 makeups with 9 eyebrow options available. These skins are also available at a reduced price for the duration of the event.

PXL @ We Love Roleplay

PXL – Mia skin by Hart Larsson (new) We Love Roleplay
Severed Garden – SeverEyes1 by Berta Avro
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Belleza – Eyeliner 1 by Shyla Diggs
Truth – Thalia hair by Truth Hawks
Evie’s Closet – Sylfai Gown by Evangeline Miles (new) We Love Roleplay
Evie’s Closet – Celebrian II Collar & Crown by Evangeline Miles
Oberon’s Trick (photo on right) by Sonnet Merlin
Slouch poses by Eira Juliesse (all others)

location: Never Ending

what does the fox say….

Hart Larsson of PXL has released a new version of his beautiful Mia skin for this round of Uber, called Macabre. It comes in the pale skin tone with 4 wonderful makeups. Each makeup includes 9 brow colour options, a cleavage option and nails remover.

PXL @ Uber

Also from Uber I found these wonderful long claw gloves from Baiastice, which comes in several colours, my hot shoes from, the eyes and horns are from Izzie’s, Maxi Gossamer’s large cross necklace and hair from Truth, which includes the headband. Both hair and headband colours can be changed via a hud.

what did the fox say?

The sexy vintage corset outfit is from Pixicat at last round’s Collab88. I adore this outfit and it comes in a few really nice colours besides black. Lastly, the fox tattoo is from .Things. at the Fantasy Gacha.

family tree...

PXL – Mia skin *macabre* by Hart Larsson
Truth – Ambrosia hair w/headband by Truth Hawks
Maxi Gossamer – Bachata Chained Cross Necklace by Maxi Gossamer – Eve Heels *pitch* by Darling Monday
Baiastice – Long Gloves with Claws *black* by Sissy Pessoa
Izzie’s – Demon Eyes w/horns by Izzie Button

Other Credits
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
PXL – Lipstick and Moles from Mia skin *apocalypse* by Hart Larsson
Pixicat – Vintage Corset Outfit by areve
.Things. – The Fox Leg Tattoo by Nheria (new) Fantasy Gacha
Reel Expressions poses (head shots) (closed)
Vain Inc poses (closed)(photo 2)
pda poses (closed) (photo 3)

Decor Credits
Nylon Outfitters – Wall Portraits – Anna, Dr Stephen, Miranda, Edward, Rachel by Nylon Pinkney
O.M.E.N. – Wizarding Table by damascusvera
Aria – Holden Radiator by Yelo Uriza
Indulge – Gothic Skull Pedestal by Starr Midal
Hearth & Home – Round black Antara Rug by BJ Barbosa
Molto Bene – B&W Parlor Skybox by Annunziata Macchi

October’s sexiness…

This month Uber is ultra sexy and kinky with loads of goodies for all us naughty boys and girls out here in SL land. Hart Larsson of PXL has released 4 new makeups of his beautiful Mia skin in 4 skin tones. Let’s see that’s 16 skins to choose from! Each skin comes with 4 extra lipstick colours, 6 eyebrow colour options, moles, freckles, cleavage options and nail removers. At the booth you can also purchase the SLink and Lolas appliers in the skin tones.

The corset I’m wearing is simply stunning. It’s from Zenith out at Uber. The detailing is exquisite and the colouring gorgeous; it comes in several beautiful colours. I simply love it and wish I could wear it forever. LOL

My last Uber purchase is the very pretty hair from Truth. The hair comes with a mask (but I forgot to wear it duh!). I love the soft curls of the hair. A hud allows you to change hair and mask textures.

night bird

PXL, Zenith & Truth @ Uber

PXL – Mia 50Shades skin *pale*, Makeup 2, lipstick 1 & moles by Hart Larsson (new) Uber
The Skinnery – Bohemian eyes *14* by Umazuma Metaluna
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Truth – Vixen hair by Truth Hawks (new) Uber
Zenith – Vintage Lady Vest Dress *cherry* by Miffyhoi Rosca (new) Uber

Modern Couture – Diva Onyx Necklace by Donatela Couturier
LAP poses (closed)

location: Dead Dollz Sim

Serpentine and black it stands before my eyes…

I am wearing the cutest flats by Cyclic Gearz of LVLE. For this round of Oneword, Cyclic designed the adorable Georgie slingback flats that has a jewel in the shape of a kitty face. The shoes come in 5 colours and are compatible with SLink feet and are a steal at 295L each.

Georgie flats by LVLE

vacation resort

The current round of Uber has an apocalypse theme, which is one of my favourites. Hart Larsson of PXL’s exclusive is the beautiful Mia Apocalypse skin, in the pale and natural tones. There are 4 makeups available for purchase in each tone with a host of goodies for each, such as 3 lips layers, freckle layers, mole layers, 8 eyebrow layers and cleavage layers. In the photo below, on the left is the pale tone in makeup 4 with freckles, moles, and pink eyebrows. On the right is the natural tone in makeup 1 with lip colour 1 and moles. What a beautiful face!

Mia Apocalypse skin by PXL @ uber

Uber has some fantastic items available and I’m wearing some of my favs. I love the layered shorts and knee pads from COCO and I’m hoping maybe she’ll do up some matching elbow pads to go with the kneepads??? 😉 Maxi Gossamer’s jewelry is great and will also work well with the goth genre. And look at these boots from Deadwool… they are super awesome!!


Photo 1-3:
[PXL] – MIA skin Apocalypse *pale makeup 04 w/ freckles/pink eyebrows/moles* by Hart Larsson (new) Uber
The Skinnery – Bohemian eyes *14* by Umazuma Metaluna
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Flat Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Truth – Grande hair by Truth Hawks (new)
Mikunch – Furi-furi dress with henley neck by lllmiku
LVLE – Georgie Flats by Cyclic Gearz (new) One Word
Birdy – Sassy Cat by Nina Helix
Imeka poses by NatiWilliams

location: Las Islas

Photo 3-4:
[PXL] – MIA skin Apocalypse *natural makeup 01 w/ lips 01/moles* by Hart Larsson (new) Uber
The Skinnery – Bohemian eyes *14* by Umazuma Metaluna
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Tableau Vivant – Nyoki hair by M4ri1yn Magic
Bishes Inc – Lolita top *black* by Chu Quar
Lassitude & Ennui – Elena Corset *black* by Jackal Ennui
COCO – KneePads and Layering Shorts *flags* by Cocoro Lemon (new) Uber
Maxi Gossamer – Ukai’s Bracelet & Earrings and Ukai’s Talismans by Maxi Gossamer (new) Uber
Deadwool – Patmos boots *black* by Masa Plympton (new) Uber

League – Side-Gartered Stockings *black* by Nena Janus
The Forge – Chain Mail Collar by Deccan Arida
Tenjin – Passion Tattoo by Heidi Volare
Plethora – Thigh Holster & Knives *black & red* by plethorasl
LAP poses (closed)

location: The Wastelands