Cool stool poses found at GEN-Neutral

The GEN-Neutral event has been running at least a week now and shouldn’t be as lagged now if you’ve been waiting to head down. My great hair style and outfit was found at the event as well as these cool stool poses.

stool poses by oOo Studio @ GEN-Neutral

oOo Studio has two stool pose packs available at the event and I picked up the Stool One pose pack. The pack includes 7 poses, a stool and various scripts. All I did was rez a box and put all the scripts, poses and stool in it then sat on the box and a stool appears with you sitting on it, as well as a menu allowing you to change poses and to hide and show the box. All the poses are unisex.

stool poses by oOo Studio @ GEN-Neutral

Birdy – Blair skin by Nina Helix
IKON – Perspective eyes *oxidation* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Illusory – Love Lips (closed)
Beusy – Thorne Mesh Hair by colorless (new) GEN-Neutral
Caboodle – Elly Outfit by Erovi & Ficceh (new) GEN-Neutral
Ama – Gilded Oxfords by Amadeo Dubratt
oyasumi – Wristwatch *black* by Kenzo Gateaux
oOo Studio – Stool One pose pack by Olaenka Chesnokov (new) GEN-Neutral

No Concept – Wall Clock by arinco
Bazar – Stockholm Bicycle on wall and Stockholm Bedroom Cabinet by Ria Bazar
Zaara – Pile of books by Zaara Kohime
keke – Dreamers Projector by Kean Kelly
Plethora – CD Player by plethorasl
Junk – Pipe Telephone by Tab Tatham

Some yummy fall treats from Imeka

Here I am helping serve some yummy goodies to everyone who’s come to help harvest our crops on our small farm. My cute dress is a new texture of the Anya Dress by Stories&Co. by Flowey for this round of MIX and can be found at Flowey’s main store.

would you like a cupcake?

I’d like to thank Imeka for the delicious food she created for the Arcade. We have some apple macarons, cupcakes, cake pops, candy apples, marshmallows, fruit cups and orange juice to wash it down. Some of the food is presented on tiny tree-stump platters. There are 7 commons with the vintage table as the rare.

ready for autumn...

Imeka Woodland Party food for the Arcade

In front of the house you’ll notice some orange and black pumpkins. These ‘lovely pumpkins’ are also from Imeka for this round of MIX. They can be found at the main store.

Lovely Pumpkins from Imeka for Mix

Glam Affair – Ellie skin by Aida Ewing
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
Maitreya – Mesh Hands & Lara Body by Onyx LeShelle
Alice Project – Aileene hair by aliceproject (new) Festival of Sin
Stories&Co. by Flowey – Anya Dress *polka dots* by Flutter Memel (new) MIX
Kibitz – Silence Sphere Necklace by Kathya Szczepanski
Meisu pose by Avicy

Schadenfreude – Autumn Bounty Red & Black Squirrel Guest 2 & 3 by Allegory Malaprop (new) the Arcade
Zerkalo – Cozy Log Cabin – Autumn Leaves by Anaïs Terpellie (new) the Arcade
dust bunny & tenshi – Step Ladder *natural* by lxlnoel (new) the Arcade
Imeka – Little Woodland Party (incls apple macarons, cake pops, candy apples, cupcakes, fruits, marshmallows, orange juice and vintage table) by NatiWilliams (new) the Arcade
Alchemy/Birdy – Sassy Cat by Nina Helix
Ispachi – Paws & Claws Cherished Moments by Andred Qinan
Sweet Revolutions – Mixed Grass Field and 4 Season Long Grass by Sweetgwendoline Bailey
Bazar – Stockholm Bicycle stand-alone by Ria Bazar
Botanica – Autumn Japanese Maple Tree, Autumn Silver Maple Tree, Autumn Maple Shrub by Ichiume Okawa
Imeka – Lovely Pumpkins by NatiWilliams (new) MIX
Off Brand Furniture – Reading Stump by Haruka Ackland
M.Law – Smile Cottage by Bee Caudron & Marcelo Law

Who wants ice cream?

Katat0nik’s new ice cream dresses are adorable and out now at the Kawaii Project. The bright coloured dresses are decorated with ice cream cones and cupcakes and fit SLink’s physique mesh body and Maitreya’s mesh body. There are 6 colours of the dress to choose from.

Also from the Kawaii Project are Atomic’s Yumyum Leggings, Angelica’s pretty Mina skin, Due’s cute Jude hair, Booger’s RAWRtch 3D watch and a bag of goodies from Tentacio.

ice cream dresses...

As well, Imeka has 2 necklaces on offer at the Kawaii Project. The yummy Cupcake Necklace I paired with Katat0nik’s dresses and comes with a hud allowing up to 4 colour changes of the bow, top and bottom parts of the cupcake. The Bow Necklace also has a hud allowing a change of colours of the bows and 2 metal colours of the links.

Imeka @ the Kawaii Project 05/15

Kawaii Project Credits
Angelica – Mina:sugar skin by Lindsay Rozen
Due – Jude hair by Freya Dubled
Katat0nik – Ice Cream Dress by Katat0nik Pidgeon
Boogers – RAWRtch 3D by Zen Zarco
Atomic – Yumyum Leggings by Ivy Graves
Imeka – Cupcake Necklace with Bow and Bow Necklace with Pearls by NatiWilliams
Tentacio – Dorayaki Bag by May Tolsen

Other Credits
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Angelica – Mellow Lipstick by Lindsay Rozen
Glam Affair – moles from Lucy skin by Aida Ewing
Tres Blah – Sophie Blouse by Julliette Westerburg
Exile – Kissing Strangers hair by Kavar Cleanslate
Kirin poses by Carolina Sautereau

Apple Fall – Roses Jug by warehousefifteendesigns
Ionic – khokhloma cabinet and Colorful hanging lamps by lakua Arriaga
Fashionably Dead – Cat 7 Sitting Down and Cat 9 Ready to Pounce by Toast Bard
Bazar – Stockholm Bedroom Painting 02 by Ria Bazar @ 6th Republic
Floorplan – Teardrop Chair and Throw Rug by Tegan Serin (new) Collab88
Trompe Loeil – Garden Bard Chair & Table by Cory Edo (new) Collab88