Goth Meets Hipster

The Hipster Fair has started and The Little Bat’s exclusives show goth can be hip.

First up is the Piper Top, though it’s long enough to wear as a mini dress. Top includes a hud with 2 colour changes for the shirt and 12 texture/colour changes for the sweater. The other exclusive is the adorable Hipster Jumpsuit and it also has a hud with several t-shirt texture changes. Drusilla also created a cute ‘stache necklace as a gift for anyone dropping by her booth.

Goth meets Hipster from TLB

Goth meets Hipster from TLB

Both Photos:
PXL – Aurora skin by Hart Larsson
Arise – Nona eyes *lightblue* by lonlysoule (new) Flower Power
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Tuli – Beauty Mark 2 by Tuli Asturias
Izzie’s – Qopi Matte Lipstick *dark red* by Izzie Button
antielle – HSotD – 3 – Aniki Scar by Jareth Cygnet
Clemmm – Death’s Door eyemakeup by Clem Velinov
Lovely Disarray – Hozuki : Black Eyeliner & Red Shadow by Astrexia Chrome

Photo 1:
Mina – Helen hair by Mina Nakamura (new) Hairology
The Little Bat – Piper Top and Hipster ‘Stache Necklace by Drusilla Dethly (new) Hipster Fair
Mutresse – Kaisia Boots by Eeky Cioc & Ugly Frog (new) Collab88
Exposeur – Girl At The Window pose prop by RubyStarlight Writer

Photo 2:
Lamb – Long Snake Moan hair by Lamb Bellic
The Little Bat – Hipster Jumpsuit by Drusilla Dethly (new) Hipster Fair
The Little Bat – Winged Septum Ring by Drusilla Dethly
Yummy – Punk Collar by Polyester Partridge
Cute Poison – Fragmented Bracelets by Sae Luan
PDA poses (closed)

The kawaii factor…

Katat0nik Pidgeon designs some of the cutest items on the grid. Her clothing is always colourful and fun to wear.


Over at the Kawaii Project she released a gacha full of adorable fitmesh sweatshirts. They will fit both the regular avatar body and the SLink Physique mesh body. There are 20 common and 2 rare sweatshirts in a multitude of colours and 7 different patterns (if my count is correct). They are very versatile and can be worn as dresses or tops over leggings, jeans, etc. Again, I would love to have these in my first life; they would certainly get a lot of use.

visiting Discovery Park

Katat0nik @ Kawaii Project


Photo 1:
Atomic – Song Hibernate skin by Ivy Graves (new) Kawaii Project
IKON – Perspective eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Illusory – Love Lips (closed)
Izzie’s – Moles by Izzie Button
NOX – Shock Shadow by Anya McConach
Arise – Tattooed Brows by lonlysoule
LeLutka – Oscar hair by Thora Charron
Katat0nik – Fitmesh Sweatshirt by Katat0nik Pidgeon (new) Kawaii Project
Katat0nik – Skull Scarf by Katat0nik Pidgeon
Schadenfreude – Miami Fishnet Leggings and Miami Fishnet Gloves by Allegory Malaprop
Mikunch – Canvas shoes w/socks by lllmiku (new) kustom9
Cute Poison – Stellar Piercing by Sae Luan
Aisling – Undecim Nosering by Druunah Esharham
Del May poses by Del May

location: Lea7

Photos 2-3:
Atomic – Song Hibernate skin by Ivy Graves (new) Kawaii Project
IKON – Perspective eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh Flat Feet by Siddean Munro
Pink Fuel – Juicy Gloss by Mochi Milena
Izzie’s – Moles by Izzie Button
DP YUMYUM – Hair 16 by Toraji Voom
Katat0nik – Fitmesh Sweatshirt by Katat0nik Pidgeon (new) Kawaii Project
Katat0nik – Apple Scarf and Bow Choker by Katat0nik Pidgeon
Quirky – Brr Winter Socks by Glitch Grantham (new) Kawaii Project
L.Warwick – Playful Platform Mary Janes by Lindsey Warwick
Cute Poison – Stellar Piercing by Sae Luan
Del May poses by Del May

location: Discovery Park II

Hair Fair Post #2 – Koy

Hey! Here I am with another post of awesome hair. As you may have noticed I have recently begun to blog hair for the brand Koy by Steve Cartier. It is a new brand with lovely new styles to fit every girls wardrobe.

At Hair Fair he covered all the styles: punk, cute, and elegant.
Left to Right: Dormer, Mathilda, and Lana.

I loved Dormer because it had that punk edge to the hair while still not going so much overboard. You can still carry this look and make it classy with the hairbases that are included with the hair. If you want to go funky check marketplace or any store inworld that sells etched hairbases it will add some edge to your look.

When I put on Mathilda it reminded me so much of a friend of mine. Every detail down to the way the bangs were parted. Now I’m going to have to call her Mathilda forever. Thanks Steve! But the real reason I loved this hairstyle because it is short and works well when you want to display necklaces and earrings in your photos.

Now when I saw Lana, I immediately though Lana Lane you know from Smallville. This hair reminds me of the hairstyle she wore throughout the gajillion series the had. This particular hairstyle is what I consider as silverscreen queen hairstyle. It has elegance and a casual look to it all in one.

Items Worn:

Poses by Vanity Poses

Little thieves

Taking a stroll through the forest yesterday enjoying an ice cream, I was set upon by a horde of fairies who devoured my ice cream in seconds. Everyone beware!

little thieves

The Seasons Story began a few days ago and NatiWilliams of Imeka has 2 gacha machines set up. One holds 10 delicious ice cream cones, 8 common and 2 rares. The other holds adorable mouse-ear hats. There are 12 cute hats, 10 commons and 2 rares. The 2 rares are the black polka dot and flower hats. They all have a bow and ribbon band and a touch will let you resize them.

Imeka @ Seasons Story


Birdy – Clair skin *pure* by Nina Helix
IKON – Ascension eyes *ice* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Pink Fuel – Juicy Gloss *apple* by Mochi Milena
Elikatira – Again hair *brown* by Elikapeka Tiramisu
C’est la vie! – Mee Ruffled Tank Top by Larcoco Mathy (new) Chapter 4
Drift – Weekend Jeans *denim* by Kallisto Destiny (new) TDR
Cute Poison – Hip Accent Piercing by Sae Luan
Imeka – Rose Ring by NatiWilliams (new) Chapter 4
Imeka – Cute Ear Mouse Hat and Delicious Ice Cream by NatiWilliams (new) Seasons Story
Fabuleux – Peace Glasses by Katuehhh Adderstein
Ohmai – Gerbera, Dandelion & Tulip Fairies by Anya Ohmai
Imeka poses by NatiWilliams

location: Caprice

Not your Princess!

Not Your Princess!
Hello! I’m Lola and I’m not like the other princesses in the kingdom. I don’t like running about in fancy dresses and I don’t like being the typical princess. You can find me in the underbelly of the kingdom causing riots and fights with the local kinsfolk. This time I didn’t bother to take off my tiara when I ran amok in the kingdom. There were rumors about a princess who was different than the others and lo and behold that princess was me.

Not Your Princess!
Well since I was a princess of course I had my own escorts. I had an affinity with my stripper pole and I would take it everywhere with me. I would just plop it in the front where everybody can see me and I would dance seductively. Despite many requests for me to take off my clothes I never did. I was a tease and if any person dared to touch me they would meet the wrath of my guards. My guards adored me, I treated them with far more respect than my sisters. After all, they were pretty much the closest to friends I would ever have that were not of royal blood.

Not Your Princess!
As the kinsfolk of the kingdom soon realized they were in the presence of royalty, their behaviour changed. The men who were attempting to fondle me were now mortified and bowing in my presence. I looked at the crowd and realized the jig was up. They all knew who I was and they averted their gaze from me. I spoke to them and asked them to look at me as I spoke to them. I apologized for my ill mannered behaviour but there are times I just need to get out of the castle and be amongst the kinfolk to know what are the important views and issues that are ailing the kingdom. I also told them that this time I did not want to hide who I was when I was among them, and this is why I had kept my crown on. Although my choice of apparel was less than royal I wanted them to notice that I was wearing the clothing they worked so hard creating that my sisters declined as representations of work from our kingdom. As I was the eldest I get the final say in all matters regarding the kingdom and I wanted to assure my kinsfolk I will overrule my sisters opinion.

I loved the way my hair was styled by ploom and it is available at the Fantasy Collective until July 20th. There are several colors to choose from or you can choose the fatpack version which is by far a great value. The top is by Sakide and features a HUD that allows you to change the texture of the spikes on the back of the jacket to different metals or you can hide the spikes as I did in this post. You can also change the texture of the tank top to coordinate with your outfit., S

Items Worn:

Pose prop: .ploom. Heartbreaker

Tentacles Oh My!

Tentacles oh my!

I spent a whole week putting this particular look together and that is pretty rare for me since normally I can put a look together in a few minutes. I absolutely love anything that has to do with octopi. I saw this skirt on another blogger’s flickr stream, and she always has the most beautiful outfits put together her name is Harleyquinn Constantine and this is her blog. I knew that the hair I had received from Koy would be perfect for this look. I believe its the perfect unisex hairstyle. And it comes in a variety of hair colors. But if you are like me you should totally fatpack it because then you will have all the colors.

I finally went to Collabor88 this month, and I noticed that The Secret Store had several different versions of the top that I wanted to grab. So I grabbed a corset version in red because I knew it would go perfectly with my skirt. As I was shopping in Collabor88 I received a group notice from N-Core stating that they had a new pair of shoes as a group gift. I ran and got my lovely new shoes.

I was smiling at myself because I had attained a pretty rocking rockabilly look unintentionally. As you can see I am wearing a hand tattoo which is by Moon Amore, the place where I also got my skirt, I loved the unique beauty of how the octopus was laid out on the hand. This particular hand tattoo comes in a pack of 3 tattoos called the “Waves Pack”. Now Moon Amore is a new store to me and from what I see its still in its beginning phases but it has a lot of potential. If you are into kawaii items it is the perfect place to go. I should mention that the skirt is texture changing via a hud so there are multiple textures available for you to wear. Not to mention the prices are pretty affordable. I also picked up a freckles tattoo layer that I can’t wait to try out soon.
Items Worn:

Poses by: Vanity Poses – Sasseh (available @ The Thrift Shop)

I miss you!!!

To see you when I wake up, is a gift I didn’t think could be real
To know that you feel the same, as I do, is a Three-fold utopian dream
You do something to me
That I can’t explain
So would I be out of line, If I said
I miss you.

Zanzibar Creations & Ploom
It seems like days since I have felt your last embrace but its only been just a few hours. I never knew I could feel like this about somebody. How can I miss you so much when you are gone?

Zanzibar Creations & Ploom
Maybe a dream will help me escape this loneliness I feel.

Items Worn:

  • Outfit: .: ZcZ :. Dita Outfit – Grey
  • Legwarmer: .: ZcZ :. Batreefied Thigh High Legwarmer
  • Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add)
  • Hair: .ploom. Splayed – Ploomage
  • Piercings: Cute Poison – Legion Piercing | Cute Poison – Tsukimi Piercings
  • Jewelry: HoR Melt earrings – jet/silver | HoR Melt necklace – jet/silver
  • Mesh Body Parts: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual | Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – Mid
  • 2.0 Makeup: [PF] Sora – Heavy Smoke | [PF] Classic Pout Lipstick – Purple Gradient
  • Skin: [PF] Sora Skin – Alabaster
  • Eyes: .tsg. Mori Eyes – Lavendar (big shine)

The joys of a Pocket Lola in your world!!!

Oh hello there! So I figured I’d ask before I rabble beyond control on the following picture collages? Do you think I should quit with the collages and do separate posts for each look (blog post) or continue with this style so that I don’t inundate you with my pictures galore.

Just in case you are wondering, I am often called “Pocket Lola” by friends due to my size in SL. I love to dress in different styles but often find myself caught between gothic and kawaii. In this post I will like to showcase to you some of the looks I put together, I know its a long post put I promise not to ramble.

At this past Skin Fair I was able to pick up the following items: .tsg. Eun-Seo Shape and .tsg. Eun-Seo X tone skin. I am also wearing the following throughout all pictures:
.tsg. Tintable Blush , .tsg. Luminate – Hazel eyes, and Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Splayed.

The Kawaii Cutie
Trying a new look

Thanks to stores like .tsg., Blah!, and more I see myself gravitating towards Kawaii Style with a bit Ero Style thrown in. I like pastel colors a lot and lately you can actually see me wearing pink in world which is a rarity. What I love about this look is how the perfect accessories can complete the outfit.

Items Worn in above picture:
!Blah. (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) F.You
!Blah. (My Sticky Candy Suit) Violet/Pink
!Blah. (My Lace-Up Ankle Pumps Violet) (for Slink Medium Feet)
!Blah. (My SweetPatch) Pink/Violet
*Milk* Hair ~ Tokyo *Colors*
.tsg. Bite Me Sweater – Lavendar
.tsg. Crowned Jewel Hairbow – Lavendar
.tsg. Chained Hearts Collar – Black
alterego I bo$$ bitch skirt – punkish
** Cute Azz
.tsg. Kawaii-Star PackPack – V.I.P Group Gift March 2014

The Rockabilly Vixen

I have always had a soft spot for Rockabilly Fashion in my heart. I love how they mix vintage wear with their own flair. Although I do kind of look like a girl from the 60’s getting her nerd on.

Items Worn in above picture:
*Calico* Rosalie – Crimson Reds
Cute Poison – Archaic Necklace (unpacked)
Cute Poison – Spiked Rings (unpacked)
N-core 21ShoeEvent- Cuore Special Edition (Black & White) — No Longer Available
*BOOM* Minimalist Glasses (Titanium)
Tee*fy Aspen High-Waisted Skirt Noir
Tee*fy Elan Wool Vest Shirt Red/Black
.:Glamorize:. New Occasion Lips – Maroon

The Sexy Rocker

Rock Star

To me this is how I would like to see myself on stage, a mix between Shakira and Santana from Glee. They both have such amazing looks and are beautiful in their own rights. I’m not a huge fan of animal prints but this outfit I put together seemed to meld well together. Goth1c0 has been a longtime favorite store of mine and I am so happy to see they are creating so many items lately.

Items Worn in above picture:
*Milk* Hair! This Natural Santana *Pastels*
_CandyDoll_Cluber Black
Goth1c0: Rock my world black
Goth1c0: Rocker Leather Pants
Goth1c0: Spiked Heart Necklace – Purple

The Gothic Beauty

This look basically revolved around the leggings I picked up at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair by Malfean Visions. I swear I collect just about everything Lokii creates when I actually do wander outside my tiny box. I love how she is able to cover all fashion styles and still add a gothic edge to each item.

Items Worn in above picture:
A&Y Jetix Hair – Blue
+Nuuna+ Cha Makeup Black
.tsg. Chained Hearts Collar – Black
BF Heavy Metal lipstick – bfppv
Cute Poison – Spiked Rings (unpacked)
[M.V.] Firestarter Leggings Inferno
[M.V.] Raider Vitae

All poses by Vanity Mirror of Vanity Poses

ROCK ATTITUDE FASHION FAIR 2014 opens tomorrow

Rock Attitude Fashion Fair (RAFF) opens March 29th and ends April 11th. There are a lot of great designers participating in this fair and providing a lot of rocking items. Today I’m going to talk about Delirium Style.

Delirium Style’s two fair exclusives are a grunge dress and a hooded coat. I really like the shape of the dress; the top that comes with it is hud controlled to change the texture and colours and the collar also comes with the dress. This outfit called to my inner goth and I must have worn this around for 3 or 4 days until I absolutely had to change. I love it.

Delirium Style @ RAFF

Delirium Style @ RAFF

I suspect the hooded coat was made for men but the smaller sizes fit me which made me happy because I really like it. It comes with a hud and the coat can be changed to different colours/textures and the t-shirt that peeks out also comes in different colours/textures.

Delirium Style @ RAFF

I felt both items were well made and I know I’ll wear them again. I will have the landmark for you tomorrow.


Photos 1 & 2:
skin: Clef de Peau – Jemma *milk* by Marcopol Oh (new) Skin Fair
eyes: IKON – Ascension *evening* by Ikon Innovia
moles: Belleza – moles from Ria skin by Shyla Diggs
eye makeup: Soiree – Cold Cold Hearts Eyeshadow *rust* by Julep Mixemup (new) Skin Fair
lips: Illusory – Love Lips *eclipse* (closed)
hands/feet: SLink – Mesh Hands and Mesh Flat Feet by Siddean Munro
hair: Argrace – Tsubasa *plum black* by Rika Oyen
dress: Delirium Style – Grunge Dress w/collar by Christel Moran (new) RAFF (landmark to come tomorrow)
stockings: Cannibelle – Big Stripe Stockings *black* by Annabelle Couturier (new) Moulin Rouge event
tattoo: Tenjin – Passion Tattoo by Heidi Volare
shoes: L. Warwick – Playful Platform Mary Janes by Lindsey Warwick (new) My Attic
cuff: Cute Poison – Fragmented *black* by Sae Luan
pose: Slouch by Eira Juliesse

Photo 3:
skin: Essences – Whisper Goth *light rose* by Inka Mexicola
eyes: IKON – Ascension *evening* by Ikon Innovia
lips: Illusory – Love Lips *grape* (closed)
hair: eha – Sang *black* (closed)
coat: Delirium Style – Hooded Coat by Christel Moran (new) RAFF (landmark to come tomorrow)
jeans: Mon Tissu – Denim 1929 Cigarette *original* by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
pose: bbqq by omiluo

Wild Nights!!!

Ever had one of those days when you just want to go out and have a ton of fun without any consequences. Well this was my theme for this picture set.

Here I am primping and preening for a wild night out on the town. With no regrets on what crazy stunts I will pull. I set up my hair in this wild style that I love. It makes me feel glamourous and sexy. I put on my favorite dress that accentuates all my assets in just the right places. Last I topped off my outfit with a bit of color, I wore these to die for high heels in sky blue. I kept the accessories minimal, so I only wore my broken heart ring and gumball earrings.

Wild Nights

I have the perfect guy at my side and the evening is going great. He decided he wanted to take artsy fartsy pics of me.


Alas, this girl is a little impatient and I got caught taking my own picture. Woops!

Style Details:
Outfit:[ SAKIDE ] Swank Dress Black @ Whore Couture Faire 3 | _CD_Gossa BabyBlue @ Whore Couture Faire 3

Body:+>A&A<+ Princess Blithe Eyeshadow – B/Y/Pi | {D.A} Ari – Paumette Freckles (Tintable) | Izzie’s – Kaelyn Eyeliner | *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add) | little bones. Spellbook | Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual | Slink AvEnhance Feet High M | {Dead Apples} Ari – Porcelain (LblBrows) | Ari – Eye Brows II | BF Digital eyes – purple

Jewelry: Cute Poison – Hush Piercing Neons | Lolapop Blood Moon Necklace Gacha – Blue | [Atooly] Gumball Earrings – Red |[Atooly] My Broken Heart Red Ring

Poses by oOo Studios