The annual Magic of Oz Easter Hunt is on!

The Magic of Oz Easter Hunt began on March 23rd and runs until April 8th. When you arrive, touch the sign for your basket and run around clicking on easter eggs to fill your basket. Once filled, a menu will pop up with a choice of stores for you to choose one and you will receive eggs for that store’s gift. Go to that store on the Oz sim, wear the eggs near the basket in the store and touch the worn eggs for your gift. It’s great fun!

Katat0nik @ Magic of Oz Easter Hunt

Katat0nik has 2 gifts for the hunt. The adorably cute Eva Bunny V2 Tattoo Sleeves are original art tattoos. This is a new version from a previous release. They’ve been remade with new bunnies and brighter colours that includes 3 versions (dark, medium, light). The applier for the tattoos are for SLink male & female, Maitreya and Omega. There are tattoo layers as well but aren’t ideal as the default avatar makes the tattoos look pixelated so best bet is to use with the mesh bodies. I LOVE these tattoo sleeves.

The second gift is the Bunny Donut Stick. Nine colours are included with this original mesh accessory. It has no pose but can be resized and moved around so you can move it to have your av hold it, or use it as decoration. (I enlarged them and put them on my wall.)

skin: {more more} – Cindy skin tone 1-1 @ SaNaRae
eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes *dew*
shape: Matte – Shape 14
body: Maitreya – Lara Body & Feet
hands: SLink – Mesh Hands
mesh lips: {more more} – Cindy Mesh Lips @ SaNaRae
freckles: Izzie’s – Freckles
brows: TheSkinnery – Bushy Brow 16
hair: [monso] – Yoni
nails: Milk Tea – Delightful Spring *elements* @ SaNaRae
top: Blueberry – Mina Tube Tops
panties: Milk Tea – Little Bunnies *meadow green* @ SaNaRae
glasses: mon tissu (closed)
tattoos: Katat0nik – Eva Bunny V2 Tattoo Sleeves @ Magic of Oz Easter Hunt
poses: Imeka

Katat0nik – Bunny Donut Stick @ Magic of Oz Easter Hunt
Nylon Outfitters – Brad the Unicorn Picture
Half-Deer – Fairy Curtain
!gO! – Love My Doll *Ewa*
*ionic* – khokhloma chair
[keke] – The Pea Princess’ Bed
Dust Bunny – Fresh Strawberry Water and Folding Side Table

Flowey has all your witchy needs at Collab88

There’s a magical theme running throughout Collab88 this round and Flowey/Teawood has 2 items out for the event. First up are the Half-Moon Tables. You receive a set of three as shown in the photos and also a single table. The other item is the “Witchy Clutter” all us witches need to help us with our … errr… homework (as you can see I AM doing homework below). :b The Witchy Clutter includes a crystal ball, love potion & moon dust bottles, magic textbooks, matches, potion bowls, ritual candle and tarot cards.

errr... doing homework

The green frog, owl, cat and cauldron are from Birdy at this month’s Arcade and from Collab88 comes the raven from Half-Deer, the Coven Hall Stand – black from Second Spaces and Le Fay Cottage from Trompe Loeil.

witchy clutter from Flowey @ Collab88

Collab88 Credits
Glam Affair – Marta skin by Aida Ewing
[monso] – Annie hair by Morphine Janick
Flowey/Teawood – Half Moon Tables and Witchy Clutter by Flutter Memel
Half-Deer – Raven *black glitter* by Halogen Magic
Second Spaces – Coven Hall Stand *black* by Elle Kirshner
Trompe Loeil – Le Fay Cottage by Cory Edo

Arcade Credits
Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Mr Toad *green* by Nina Helix
Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Owlie *snow* by Nina Helix
Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Mr. Bigglesworth *patch* by Nina Helix
Birdy – HOcus Pocus – Cauldron *green* by Nina Helix

Other Credits
IKON – Odyssey eyes *oak* by Ikon Innovia
Mysterika – Alicia Shape by Gabriella Marshdevil
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
FATEplay – Jenny School Uniform *slytherin* by Damien Fate
Nyachi – Shoes LS201 by Nyachio – Knee Socks *white* by Darling Monday
LeMomo – Magic Wand poses by Julja Bekkers
Hearth & Home – Round Black Antara Rug by BJ Barbosa
Hopscotch – Stick a Needle in my Eye by Chandni Khondji

New gown from Evie’s Closet

Evie’s Closet has a beautiful new gown out for We Love Roleplay at a 30% discount until the end of the event. The gown is fitmesh and the separate sleeves are regular mesh and is available in 5 soft colours. It has a lovely celtic knotwork design on the top portion.

my companion...

I paired the dress with a new lovely hair style from Elikatira, which is also out at We Love Roleplay. The hair includes the circlet I am wearing and the hud includes metal changes for it.

elven royalty...

PXL – Shara WLRP08 skin by Hart Larsson (new) We Love Roleplay
IKON – Sovereign Eyes *glass* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Mandala – Steking Ears by Kikunosuke Eel
Elikatira – Lalora w/circlet by Elikapeka Tiramisu (new) We Love Roleplay
Evie’s Closet – Evonyn Gown *sand & blue* by Evangeline Miles (new) We Love Roleplay
Noodles – Byzantine Chain Collar by Natalee Oodles
Half-Deer – Solstice Dragon Companion by Halogen Magic
Marukin – Fleur 10 Purity pose by Valencia Southard (photo 1)
Le Poppyock – Play of Light A – Scent of Mint by Olivia Lalonde & Julliette Bade (new) Chapter 4 (photo 2)

location: Love, Henry

Do you watch ‘Game of Thrones’?

Game of Thrones is the theme for this round of The Conquest and Senzafine’s contribution is a pretty dress called Daenaria. The gown comes in the standard mesh sizes and is available in 4 colour packs, each pack contains 4 colours. I love the style of the dress and Synjari Myriam always uses gorgeous colour combinations in her work.

mother of dragons...

My pretty circlet is from Hopscotch found at The Fantasy Collective. The Fleur circlet comes in 7 colours and each colour includes black, gold and silver metals.

a handmaiden...

PXL – Aeryn skin by Hart Larsson
IKON – Odyssey Eyes *clarity* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Nox – Olyvia Brows by Anya McConach
Tuli – Beauty Marks 2 by Tuli Asturias
Chemistry – Willow 2 hair by Kimberlee Miles
Senzafine – Daenaria dress by Synjari Myriam (new) The Conquest
Empyrean Forge – Alder Medallion by empyreanforge
Half-Deer – Solstice Dragon by Halogen Magic @ the Arcade
Hopscotch – Fleur circlet by Chandni Khondji (new) The Fantasy Collective
Flowey poses by Flutter Memel

location: Loch Leven

Oversized Tee’s, a wardrobe staple…

We all love to wear t-shirts, be it a perfect fit or oversized. The oversized tee can be worn as a cute mini-dress, worn over jeans, leggings, etc., and even to sleep in. Flowey released some super cute oversized tee’s at Collab88 in an abundance of colours and textures.

Here I’ve paired it over some rolled-up jeans on a day out sight seeing and I do look super cute.

me and my shadow...

And here I am at the beach wearing one as a coverup over my bikini while, ummm, taking my medicine. 😉


The Skinnery – Eniko skin by Umazuma Metaluna (new) the Arcade
IKON– Sovereign eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Flat Feet by Siddean Munro
Izzie’s – Teeth 2 by Izzie Button
Clawtooth – Bee-Bop Betty hair by Bubbles Clawtooth (new) Collab88
Stories&Co. by Flowey – Lana Tunic by Flutter Memel (new) Collab88
Mon Tissu – Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans (closed)
Sakka’s Studio – JP Wooden Sandals by Sakka Flow (new) Mizu: A Rainy Story
Stories&Co. by Flowey – Sally Sunglasses by Flutter Memel (new) the Arcade
Half-Deer – Mermaid’s Majesty – Cursive Necklace & Mermaid’s Majesty – Sea Glass Bracelet by Halogen Magic (new) the Arcade
Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera by Azure Electricteeth
Birdy/Alchemy – Frenchie (girl) Companion by Nina Helix & Tyr Rozenblum
Label Motion – Coffee pose by Anne Dakun (new)

location: Derailed

The Skinnery – Eniko skin by Umazuma Metaluna (new) the Arcade
IKON – Sovereign eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Truth – Electra hair by Truth Hawks
Stories&Co. by Flowey – Lana Tunic by Flutter Memel (new) Collab88
Zaara – [Goa party] : Baga nosering, Friendship bracelet, Retro sunglasses, Rudraksh necklace & Weed Joint by Zaara Kohime (new) the Arcade
Le Poppycock poses by Olivia Lalonde & Julliette Bade

Zaara – [Goa party] : Patchwork mattress, Cannabis plant & Beach shack by Zaara Kohime (new) the Arcade

The Festival of Holi

This year the Magic of Oz is celebrating Spring with the festival of Holi, which commemorates victory of good over evil and new beginnings. The Magic of Oz Holi Hunt began April 1st and ends Thursday, April 16th. There are exclusive prizes to be won from Munchkinland merchants such as ~silentsparrow~, Schadenfreude, Half-Deer, *katat0nik*, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, Fallen Gods Inc., and Ozimals!

Katat0nik’s hunt exclusive is the very beautiful Holi Dress which comes in 3 colour combinations. The colourful dress comes in 4 sizes and fits both the default av and mesh bodies. This dress is a retexture of the “Cheeky Bunny Dress”, which is a Magic of Oz exclusive. Wearing the dress makes me forget the long, hard winter we’ve endured. 😉

My pretty butterfly hair bow is Half-Deer’s hunt exclusive gift (you receive 2, for left and right) and my colourful oxford shoes are Schadenfreude’s hunt gift.

Magic of Oz Holi  Hunt

PXL – Aeryn skin by Hart Larsson
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Mesh Flat Feet by Siddean Munro
Pink Fuel – Elly Doll Gloss by Mochi Milena
Olive – Steffi Hair by naminaeko (new) Uber
Katat0nik – Holi Dress by Katat0nik Pidgeon (new) Magic of Oz Holi Hunt
Half-Deer – Butterfly Hair Bow by Halogen Magic (new) Magic of Oz Holi Hunt
Schadenfreude – Splattered Classix Nouveaux Shoes (new) Magic of Oz Holi Hunt
The Sugar Garden – Princess Socks by Eilfie Sugarplum
Quirky – Twinkle Necklace by Glitch Grantham
Kirin poses by Carolina Sautereau (right)
SE Motion poses by Marie Sims (left)

location: Sarawak

A Store Release at SYSY’s

Stores participate in so many events nowadays that result in not as many store releases as they would like. SYSY’s has a store release with 3 great looks. All 3 cute looks not only fit regular avatars, but also SLink’s Physique and Maitreya’s mesh bodies. The footwear will fit SLink’s flat, medium and high feet.

Look 1 includes a black pencil skirt, with a pink belt and with a black belt, a pink cropped shirt (these are new and can also be purchased separately in an array of colours), classic high pumps in pink and a pink clutch.

SYSY's Look 1

Look 2 includes a long black skirt, a sash with a hud to change textures, a tan cropped shirt and flat sandals.

SYSY's Look 2

Look 3 includes a long sweater, cropped leggings (new variety pack can be purchased separately with appliers for the bodies), suede wedge shoes and a purse.

SYSY's Look 3

Fresh Face – Paris skin by PeachieMuah
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and High, Medium & Flat Feet by Siddean Munro
Adam & Eve – Eyeshadow Lakeshore Eyeliner and Lipstick Raspberry by Sachi Vixen (new)
NOX – Olyvia Brows by Anya McConach
Lamb – Cry Baby hair by Lamb Bellic
Zenith – Wooden Owl Necklace by Miffyhoi Rosca
Half-Deer – Owl Painted Rustic Bangle by Halogen Magic
Imeka poses by Nati Williams

Look 1
SYSY’s – Cropped Shirt *pink*, Dorothy Pencil Skirt *black*, Classic High Pumps *pink* and Scarlet Clutch *pink* by SySy Chapman (new)

Look 2
SYSY’s – Cropped Shirt *tan*, MyFavSkirt *black*, MyFavSkirt Sash and Maxime Sandals by SySy Chapman (new)

Look 3
SYSY’s – Cropped Leggins *polkadots tearose*, Sas Sweater *black*, Suede Wedges *black* and Linnen Bag by SySy Chapman (new)

location: Monkey Banana

Help, I’m melting…

Over at the Creepy Kawaii Fair, Cila has very cute melty shoes for sale. These original mesh shoes are available in 5 colours and can be resized on touch. These are made for SLink medium mesh feet.

Cila @ the Creepy Kawaii Fair

If you haven’t stopped by the fair yet, do go. There’s so much creepy cuteness that if these items had cheeks, I’d pinch them. 😉

isn't the giraffe the cutest???

Cila – Waterfall Heels by comilla1023
Moon Amore – Sweet Lydiah Socks by Moon Wickham
Half-Deer – Tiny Teacup Giraffe by Halogen Magic
Quirky – Love Lockdown Choker & Necklace by Glitch Grantham
Olive – Creepy Skullie Bag by naminaeko
Kio – Creep Skirt by Kioko Kumaki
Ayashi – Midori hair by Ikira Frimon

Other Credits
Glam Affair – Brandi Sweet skin and Romantic Girl Glasses by Aida Ewing (new) today’s FLF
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 20 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Pink Fuel – Elly Doll Gloss by Mochi Milena
The Little Bat – Skully Rose Tank by Drusilla Dethly
Katat0nik – Nada Watch by Katat0nik Pidgeon
Space Mermaid – Bird’s Eye View tattoo by Alexandria Enchanted
aDORKable poses by Adorkable Peapod

Half-Deer – Fairy Curtain by Halogen Magic (new) Collab88
Oh la la! – Bunny Chair and Origami Bunny by Sleepy Hermit

ready to party…

NatiWilliams of Imeka has put out her first clothing item and it’s a very pretty dress called Miura. The dress is available in 10 colours and includes a hud to change the texture of the sheer bottom part of the dress. The dress is an original mesh design and the colours and patterns Nati used are lovely. It’s currently out at kustom9.

party hostess...

She also has an 8 pose pack of stands called Mandy and a 6 pose pack of sits called Sits 02 out at kustom9. I’ve used poses from both packs in my photos in this post.

party guest...

party decor

birthday decor

Rotten Toe – Winter skin *dangerous* by Elsa Liebknecht
IKON – Charm Eyes by Ikon Innovia (new)
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Mid Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
NOX – Olyvia Brows by Anya McConach
Izzie’s – Freckles by Izzie Button (photo 1)
Glam Affair – Moles from Lucy skin by Aida Ewing (photo 2)
Mithral – Alkaline hair by Evadne Quintessa (new) Collab88 (photo 1)
Truth – Electra hair by Truth Hawks (photo 2)
Imeka – Mirua Dress by NatiWilliams (new) kustom9 (photo 1)
Legal Insanity – Josy Tank Top Hipster Deer and Meadow Bell Bottom Jeans by Datrip Blackbart (photo 2)
Silent Sparrow & Schadenfreude – Hunter’s Kiss Necklace by Hyasynth Tiramisu & Allegory Malaprop (new) Collab88 (photo 1)
Milk Motion – Salome Sandals by Marie Lauridsen (photo 1)
Imeka – Mandy poses (photo 1) and Sits 02 poses (photo 2) by NatiWilliams (new) kustom9

Apple Fall – Roses Jug, Dolly Piano, Book Shelf, Shauna’s Chair, Blanket Curio, Patchwork Rug by warehousefifteendesigns (new) Chapter 4
Half-Deer – Fairy Curtain by Halogen Magic (new) Collab88
Half-Deer – Goat Bro by Halogen Magic
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – My Knit Chair by 8f8
Ionic – Pillow Stool by lakua Arriaga
Ionic – Luna Kitty by lakua Arriaga (new) Chapter 4
Hideki – Shed, Drawer, Dining Table, Dining Chair by Hideki Carami
Dust Bunny – Vintage Space Heater by lxlnoel
Nylon Outfitters – Brad the Unicorn by Nylon Pinkney
Dust Bunny & Windsong – Valentine’s Tray (new) Chapter 4
Tres Blah – Soiree Paper Fans, Soiree Pom Poms, Soiree Gifts, Soiree Pastries, Charmant Settee by Julliette Westerburg
Ispachi – Paws & Claws Cherished Moments by Andred Qinan
Poche – Happy birthday Cake by Miyu Adder
MMG #Null – Round Plates by Masomaso Quan
keke – Bucket of Lemonades by Kean Kelly
Glam Affair – Kitchen Towels by Aida Ewing (new) Chapter 4