a dream of spring…

Leri Miles has designed a cute little summer dress for this round of the Theme Park. The mini comes in 8 summer colours and sports bright and bold flowers and butterflies.

Leri Miles Design @ theme park 08/14

Clef de Peau – Jemma skin *milk* by Marcopol Oh
The Skinnery – Bohemian eyes *14* by Umazuma Metaluna (new) Chapter 4
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Flat Mesh Feet
Illusory – Love Lips *iced latte* (closed)
NOX – Sixx Liner *white* by Anya McConach
Izzie’s – Moles by Izzie Button
Wasabi Pills – Ellie hair *wild honey* by MissAllSunday Lemon
Leri Miles Designs – Lexy Dress by Leri Miles (new) Theme Park
Essenz – Philadelphia shoes *pink* by Senzati0n Domenitzo
Cila – Hikari Bracelet and Thumb Ring by comilla1023 (new) La Metallique
Manifeste poses by July Raymaker

Summerwear from Leri Miles

Leri Miles has designed a cute capris outfit and top with matching wedgies. The Francis blouse is colour blocked with black and another colour. It fastens just under the breasts and shows off the belly and cleavage. It comes in 6 colours and has matching capris’ in the same 6 colours. The capris come with a black belt. The Mallory Heels share the same colour palette as the outfit with a hud to change the metal colouring. the wedges are made for SLink medium feet.

All of these items can be found at Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair, which runs until July 21st. The top and capris are 75L each and the shoes are 150L each so you can mix and match colours.

Leri Miles Design @ Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair


Clef de Peau – Jemma *milk* by Marcopol Oh
IKON – Perspective eyes *oxidation* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 16 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Izzie’s – Moles by Izzie Button
Illusory – Love Lips *brown sugar* (closed)
Eater’s Coma – Hair 17 *chestnut* by Kumii Yoshikawa
Leri Miles Design – Frances Blouse, My Capris and Mallory Heels by Leri Miles (new) Naughty Nitch Fair
Maxi Gossamer – Bali Gypsy Necklace by Maxi Gossamer
Snatch – Puppy Love Shades by Ivey Deschanel
Juxtapose – Quiet Charm (chair) by Rain Laval and Imeka poses by NatiWilliams

location: Binemist

I want ice cream…

Just when I was ready to eat my delicious ice cream, disaster!! Quick, someone give me a new ice cream cone!

The Summer Of Dreams edition of The Theme Park is now open and will end July 5th. It features whimsical, dreamy and summery goodness; it shouldn’t be missed. The designers participating this round are: Alouette, Cannibelle, Coquet, Embody, Fraidy Cat Designs, Frogstar, Krystal, Leri Miles Designs, NanTra and Songbird.

Leri Miles Designs’ exclusive is a cute, summery outfit of capris and ruffly crop top and includes sandals.

Leri Miles Designs @ Theme Park

Leri Miles Designs @ Theme Park

Frogstar’s item is the adorable Moon Fort which is original mesh and comes with 12 animated poses and 6 static poses. There are 5 colours to choose from and each is 175L. I live with my friend Lola and she has a son soI thought it’d be fun to put it up on the beach. Of course I had to try it out when no one was looking; you know, just to test that it’s safe. That’s my story. ;b (here are a few shots of the different poses.)

Frogstar @ Theme Park

Frogstar @ Theme Park

Frogstar @ Theme Park

Frogstar @ Theme Park

Let’s leave the Theme Park and head over to Fresh Face because owner PeachieMuah has released a new skin called Celine. This very pretty skin comes in 4 skin tones, and each tone includes a skin with and without freckles, eyebrows, no eyebrows, cleavage and small breasts. You can find the most popular appliers at the main store. Love this skin, especially the freckles.

Celine skin from Fresh Face

Celine skin from Fresh Face


Fresh Face – Celine *snow* (new) PeachieMuah
IKON – Ascension Eyes *ice* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
Slink – Mesh Hands and Flat Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Illusory – Love Lips *iced latte* (closed)
Tuli – Eyeliner 2 by Tuli Asturias
Soiree – Kaya Brows #Light Blonde by Julep Mixemup
Taketomi – Ayame hair *dessin* by Bella Earst (new) kustom9
Leri Miles Design – Joan Blouse *blue raspberry*, My Capris *honeydew* and Foam Sandals *blue raspberry* by Leri Miles (new) Theme Park
Zenith – Peony Corolla headpiece by Miffyhoi Rosca
Amala – The Dragons Necklace V1 by crystalny (new) We Love Roleplay
Hopscotch poses by Chandni Khondji

Frogstar – The Moon Fort by Ravenna Rossini (new) Theme Park
8f8 – Oops! Cherry Pistachio and Liar Liar Pants on Fire (secret) by 8f8 (new) The Arcade
Imeka – Delicious Ice Cream, Berry Sorbert and Lovely Juice by NatiWilliams (new) The Arcade
Theosophy – Tartelettes (assorted) by Trace Osterham (new) The Arcade
VCO – Happy Summer Picnic *grape & pink aids* by yamette (new) The Arcade
Imeka – Sweet Ice Cream Cone 9 by NatiWilliams
Apple Fall – Cottage Dining Table by warehousefifteendesigns
Keke – Lemonade *lemon, orange & raspberry* and Bucket of Lemonades by Kean Kelly
LISP – Tutti Lounger *green & red*, Beach Magazine, Orange Pop, Suntan Cream, Funky Guitar and TuttiFruitti Deck Chair by Pandora Popstar
Maimai – Ring Unicorn *blue* by Monica Outlander
Flowey – Havana Cabana Beach Towel by Flutter Memel
Standby Inc – Beach Radio by StandbyInc
Reek – Duck Tube by Riq Graves (can’t find slurl)
What Next – Surfboard Décor by Winter Thorn
inverse – Malibu House by Novocaine Islay
Cooties – Hanging Palette Goodnight by Ollilu

60L Weekend at Leri Miles Design

This weekend Leri Miles’ has released the cutest strapless dress in 6 different patterns and colour combinations.  I love every single dress and for 60L each it is a no-brainer to pick up all of them.  Below I am wearing the Circles dress and the Melon dress.  Each dress comes in both fitted mesh and regular mesh.  I am happy about this because I seem to have a problem with the fitted mesh fitting me sometimes but no problems with regular mesh.

paper planes

paper planes


Al Vulo: Celestial skin *milk* by Hlin Bluebird
IKON: Spectral eyes *leonine* by Ikon Innovia
Matte: Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink: Mesh Hands and Flat Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Lamb: Cry Baby *fair* by Lamb Bellic (new) Collab88
Leri Miles Design: Delilah Dress by Leri Miles (new) 60L Weekend
CandyDoll: Granny Flats *banana* by Rebeca Dembo (new) kustom9
Kirin: My Paper Airplane by Carolina Sautereau (new) FLF

location: The Trace

Spring is in the air, at least in SL

Where I live it’s still cold and lots of rain; even a bit of snow last week but in SL it’s springtime and Leri Miles has designed a very pretty flowery print mini dress for the Designer Showcase. I love the print on this dress and hope she’ll do a dress without the frill or even a blouse in the same print. The dress is mesh and comes in the standard sizes as well as 6 springy colours.

LMD - Designer Showcase

Leri Miles is also taking part in Pink Fusion Hunt, which starts tomorrow, May 1st and runs to May 31st. There are 50 stores across the grid participating and the hunt item in each store is 5L. Leri’s hunt gift is the Marlene dress in blush (which is not available with the other colours).

LMD - Pink Fusion  Hunt


skin: Clef de Peau – Jemma *milk* by Marcopol Oh
eyes: IKON – Promise *brown* by Ikon Innovia
hands/feet: SLink – Mesh Hands and Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
hair: Spellbound – Serenity *spring* by Kohana Xue (new) EB Event
dress: Leri Miles Design – Marlene *blush* by Leri Miles (new) Pink Fusion Hunt
dress: Leri Miles Design – Marlene by Leri Miles (new) Designer Showcase
necklace: Cae – Duchesss Necklace by Caelan Hancroft
shoes: Sax Shepherd Designs – Fairy Tale Tease *shoe & anklet* by Sax Shepherd (new) Fantasy Gacha Fair (LM when it opens)
poses: Fri.day by Darling Monday (new) Pose Fair

Guitars and Girls

At RAFF, Frogstar has a gacha full of colourful electric guitar shoulder bags. The bags come with a pose and there are 2 rare’s, one of which is in the photo below. Frogstar’s exclusive is a very pretty hair clip in the shape of silver stars with star-gems in 5 colours to choose from.

Frogster & The Little Bat @ RAFF

The Little Bat has released some hot leather buckled pants in 8 fabulous colours. The buckles run up the back of the legs and there’s a little peak-a-boo opening showing off butt cleavage. 😉 You can match the pants with the Natalie tops. The tops are black with a spike collar; the sleeves and bottom of the top is in a colourful plaid, and you all know how I love plaids. To complete the look, 3 buckled chokers with a different ornament hanging from it, in my photo it’s a bat.

Frogster & The Little Bat @ RAFF

Another designer participating in RAFF is Leri Miles Design. Her Sheryl dress is simply gorgeous. The dress material reminds me of a heavy brocade and looks luxurious. The strapless mini dress comes in 8 rich colours and the standard mesh sizes. I loved wearing the dress and the espresso was my favourite colour.


I paired LMD’s dress with Panda Punx’s Gabriella skin. Garbiella is a very pretty skin that comes in 5 skin tones and 5 makeups of each tone. You also receive a skin with and without cleavage. Available also are the appliers you can’t live without; SLink, Lolas, Phat/Cute Azz, baby bump, etc.



Photos 1 & 2:
skin: Atomic – Muse *creme* by Ivy Graves
eyes: IKON – Ascension *evening* by Ikon Innovia
hands/feet: SLink – Mesh Hands and Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
liner: Tuli – Eyeliner by Tuli Asturias
moles: Belleza – moles from Ria skin by Shyla Diggs
lips: Illusory – Love Lips *grape* (closed)
hair: Epoque – Pristine by Vintage McMillan
shoes: Essenz – Seattle *black* by Senzati0n Domenitzo (new) RAFF
pants: The Little Bat – Morgan Pants by Drusilla Dethly (new) RAFF
top: The Little Bat – Natalie Top by Drusilla Dethly (new) RAFF
choker: The Little Bat – Batty Choker by Drusilla Dethly (new) RAFF
hair clip: Frogstar – Rockstar Glam Hair Clip *sapphire* by Ravenna Rossini (new) RAFF
bag: Frogstar – Electric Shoulder Bag by (new) Ravenna Rossini RAFF
pose: Imeka by NatiWilliams

Photos 3 & 4:
skin: Panda Punx – Gabriella Show Me *ck* and Lightly *powder* by Lluna Nitely (new) RAFF
eyes: IKON – Promise *fjord* by Ikon Innovia
hands: SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
shape: Matte – #14 shape by Cora Pomilio
hair: Clawtooth – Betty Spaghetti *uptown brown* by Bubbles Clawtooth (new) Collab88
dress: Leri Miles Design – Sheryl Dress *espresso & yellow* by Leri Miles (new) RAFF
earrings: Pure Poison – The 1000 Earrings by Shaleene Kenin
necklace: Pure Poison – Yola Necklace by Shaleene Kenin
pose: Imeka by NatiWilliams

Spring appears at My Attic

Leri Miles Designs has created an adorable outfit with springy colours. The blouse and leggings come in 8 colours and all the standard mesh sizes. You’ll also notice you have 2 sets of mesh leggings in the folder. Both sets are the same colour/pattern, but one is regular mesh and the other is fit mesh (i.e., I made my butt smaller and the leggings moved smaller with the body part). Very cool!

These blouses and leggings can be found at My Attic for 95L then will be regular price once back in the main store; so if you want them hurry down and pick them up.

Leri Miles Design @ My Attic


skin: Fresh Face – Ruby *snow* by PeachieMuah (new)
eyes: IKON – Ascension *sahara* by Ikon Innovia
hands/feet: SLink – Mesh Hands and Flat Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
shape: Matte – #14 shape by Cora Pomilio
hair: Argrace – Tsubasa *ash black* by Rika Oyen
top: Leri Miles Design – Hahn Blouse *pink & marigold* by Leri Miles (new) at My Attic
pants: Leri Miles Design – Kallie Leggings *pink & marigold* by Leri Miles (new) at My Attic
shoes: Renegade – T-Strap Platform Sandals *white* by tylonn (new) at kustom9
necklace: Pure Poison – Tisuki Necklace by Shaleene Kenin
poses: Del May (R) by Del May and bbqq (L) by omiluo

Dead Apples and Black Crows, oh my!

As you may have heard, Skin Fair 2014 opens this coming Friday and Dead Apples is participating with the the Ari skin. Soleil Reid, owner, has created a very pretty skin and I adore the face. Ari comes in 5 skin tones; I’m wearing the Honey tone below. Included with each skin is 3 types of brows in several colours, 4 types of freckles (all tintable), and 4 types of lip sticks. In the Dead Apples booth you can also purchase the SLink, Lolas and Cute/Phat Azz appliers.

In the left photo, I am wearing the bare skin with red, regular eyebrows. On the right I am wearing the light bushy eyebrows and am wearing soft freckles and warm honey lips.

Dead Apples @ Skin Fair

In the photo below, I’m wearing the dark bushy eyebrows, the paumette freckles (just a sprinkle of freckles) and the strawberry lips and added an eyeliner from tuli.

Dead Apples @ Skin Fair

So drop into the Dead Apples booth (sim 2) once the fair opens on March 14th and try on the demo. I’m sure you’ll love the skin as much as I do.

Now for the Black Crows :). Leri Miles Designs is taking part in the Black Crow’s hunt (which begain March 10th and ends March 25th). Leri’s hunt item is the Classic Slacks in Midnight and the pretty Hahn Blouse in Midnight. I really like this outfit; I feel like rich socialite out to a busniess lunch or dinner. 😉

Leri Miles Design in the Black Crow's Hunt


skin: Dead Apples – Ari *honey* (new) Skin Fair (LM to come)
eyes: IKON – Ascension *green*
hands/feet: SLink – Mesh Hands and Medium Mesh Feet
makeup: Dead Apples – Paumette Freckles and Ari Strawberry Lips (comes with skin) and Tuli – Eyeliner
hair: Truth – Snow
pants: Leri Miles Design – Classic Slacks *midnight* (black crow’s hunt gift)
top: Leri Miles Design – Hahn Blouse *midnight* (black crow’s hunt gift)
necklace: MiWardrobe – Crazy Squares Necklace
shoes: LVLE – Sorcha Heels *royal blue* (new)
ring/earrings: Swallow – Handmade Ring and Earrings *silver*
watch: oyasumi – Wristwatch *black*
clutch: Duh! – Little Leather Clutch
poses: Zzang

Leri Miles Design at Designer Showcase

Leri Miles is taking part in this round of Designer’s Showcase with a super cute spring coat. There are 16 coats in 8 colour combinations (i.e., chocolate/bubblegum and bubblegum/chocolate, etc). I really like this coat, especially the colours. Colour is usually what grabs my attention first to make me want to take a closer look. These mesh coats come in the standard sizes.

Leri Miles Design @ Designer Showcase

For the 60L weekend (I know it just passed but Leri usually keeps her items out until the next weekend when she changes them) we have springy colours in a mini with matching sweaters. These skirts and sweaters are sold separately so you can mix and match your favourite colours. They come in 8 light colours and 8 dark colours and in the standard mesh sizes.

Leri Miles Design 60L Weekend


skin: MIA14 – Ember *pale*
eyes: IKON – Ascension *sahara*
hands: SLink – Mesh Hands
hair: Tram – D217 (group gift) (1) and Mina – Amber (2)
outfit: Leri Miles Design – Bay Skirt and Dru Blouse (1)
coat: Leri Miles Design – Reid Coat (new) Designer Showcase
hat: MiWardrobe – My Little Friend Cap
necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Kalistar Collar
glasses: Mon Tissu – Four Corners Readers
poses: Imeka

Back to Glamour with Leri Miles Design

The Jack & Jill hunt runs from Feb 1-28 and Leri Miles Design is participating in it with the glamorous Ryanne evening gown. This stunning, strapless gown is in berry and has a polka-dot ruffle running from the chest to the side of the dress. I feel like a ’40’s glamour movie star wearing this dress and it’ll be perfect for Valentine’s Day dates.

Leri Miles Design newness

Also, today is Lazy Sunday and Leri has put out her pretty Zeela blouses. They have the same ruffle as the Ryanne dress and there are several colours to choose from. You can get it today for 75L.

Leri Miles Design newness


Photo 1:
skin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea *artic*
eyes: IKON – Ascension *evening*
hands/feet: SLink – Mesh Hands and Mesh Medium Feet
hair: Dura – Girl 51 *black*
dress: Leri Miles Design – Ryanna *berry* (new) gift for the Jack & Jill Hunt, Feb 1-28
jewelry: Maitreya – Vintage Pearl Necklace (new) Collab88
shoes: Lassitude & Ennui – Bound Sandals *red*
pose: Manifeste

Photo 2:
skin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea *artic*
eyes: IKON – Ascension *evening*
hands: SLink – Mesh Hands
hair: Magika – Never (new)
top: Leri Miles Design – Zeela Blouse
skirt: Erratic – Sally Zipper Skirt *black*
pose: Marukin