Merry Gothmas

Gothmas by Gaslight is one of my favourite events. There’s something there for every goth, from clothing to decor.

Eclectica has two beautiful jewelry sets made for the event. The Nightblooms set consists of a neckpiece, ring and earrings. They are unrigged so can be resized and are texture changing. There are 7 colours, which include a white and grey, and those 2 colours can be tinted; so really you have an abundance of colours. They are materials ready and original mesh.

The Gothic Pearls Neckpiece & Earrings set looks a little other worldly with its random placed beads and spidery metal. They come in 8 colours and a fatpack. They are original mesh, unrigged so they can be resized and are materials ready.

Eclectica @ Gothmas by Gaslight

My two outfits can be found in the Sakide booth at Gothmas. I’m in love with the sexy Catsuit and the Christmas Eve Gown is lovely. Even though they are dark you still get the christmasy feel.

Sakide @ Gothmas by Gaslight

Sakide @ Gothmas by Gaslight

Essences – LadyDyvine skin *medium1* by Inka Mexicola (group gift)
IKON – Ascension eyes *sahara* by Ikon Innovia
annaA – Claudia Shape by Annalesca Ashbourne
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Belleza – Moles by Shyla Diggs
Elikatira – Away hair *black* by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Sakide – Dark Christmas Catsuit and Christmas Eve Gown by Kinu Mayako (new) Gothmas by Gaslight
Eclectica – Nightblooms Set and Gothic Pearls Necklace & Earrings by Tiffy Vella (new) Gothmas by Gaslight
Kirin poses by Carolina Sautereau (photo 1)
Le Poppycock poses by Olivia Lalonde & Julliette Bade (photo 2)
Exposeur poses by RubyStarlight Writer (photo 3)

October is a busy month…

Creators across the grid have been very busy in October. There is an abundance of events taking place and the creativity is wonderful to see.  One such is the RMK Gothic Halloween event. Cila and Senzafine are just two of the fine stores taking part in this event.

Cila has a gacha filled with 20 common bats and 1 rare set of 4 bats. There are 4 poses in 5 colours each for only 50L a play. The bats are modifiable so I rezzed one and resize…… err…. I cast a spell and grew my minion to the appropriate size to serve me. Yeah, that’s what I did. 😉

Senzafine’s exclusives for the RMK event are these beautiful velvet mesh armwarmers with lace detailing. These are gorgeous and I hope Synjari released these in more colours. The armwarmers are called Willow and I like to think she named them after me. 😉 Her other item is this great Book of Shadows, which comes with a holding pose.

The Top Shelf event started a few days ago and these unisex Bram Glasses are found there. These fabulous glasses are from Random Matters and come in 3 metals. There is a hud to change the lens colours.

Starting tomorrow, October 10th, is the Mystic Realms event. My beautiful top and skirt comes from Sakide. The top is made up of straps and the skirt has front thigh-high slits to show off my legs. There are also straps for your arms. The outfit comes in several colours.

Another Mystic Realms store is Pekka with this very pretty head chain and necklace. Both pieces come in several metal choices and each are sold separately.

my minions...

PXL – Mia 50Shades skin *pale* makeup 2, lipstick 1 & moles by Hart Larsson (new) Uber
The Skinnery – Bohemian eyes *14* by Umazuma Metaluna
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and High Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
LeLutka – Canto hair *pitch* by Thora Charron
Sakide – Anawyn Skirt & Top by Kinu Mayako (new) Mystic Realms (slurl to come)
Pure Poison – Amelia Stilettos by Shaleene Kenin (new) Uber
Senzafine – Willow Armwarmers *noir* and Spellcraft Book of Shadows by Synjari Myriam (new) RMK Gothic event
Pekka – Third Eye Head Chain and Third Eye Necklace by Kathya Szczepanski (new) Mystic Realms (slurl to come)
Random Matter – Bram Glasses by Nikohl Hax (new) Top Shelf
Cila – Cute Bats *rare* by comilla1023 (new) RMK Gothic event poses by Darling Monday

Nowhere fast…

Rain Laval of Juxtapose has been very busy for Rhapsody, releasing several pose packs for men and women, a couple with props. The first photo is Hotsy Totsy, a pack of 5 elegant poses, perfect for evening gowns, etc. Next photo is the Copacetic pose pack. It has 6 nice poses, perfect for blogging. None of the poses I’m showing today distort the clothing which is very important when blogging. Lastly, is Torch Song which comes with a beautiful piano and bench. There are 6 poses for the piano and 4 for the bench. All poses I’m showing today are very well done.

The outfit I am wearing is the sexy Lady Tux in black and white from Sakide. I can just feel the silky material covering my body and love the feel of it. The tux comes with shoes of the same colour (made for high SLink feet).

Juxtapose and Sakide @ Rhapsody

Juxtapose and Sakide @ Rhapsody

Juxtapose and Sakide @ Rhapsody


Rhapsody Landmark
Juxtapose – Hotsy Totsy, Copacetic and Torch Song poses by Rain Laval
Sakide – Lady Tux Black & White (incl shoes) by Kinu Mayako
Milk – Summer Wine hair by Milk Chan
PXL – Mia skin *pale* Makeup 2 REB by Hart Larsson
Krystal – Lava Lamp Earring *platinum* by Krystal Jenkins
Circa – Epicure Summer *blue lagoon cocktail* (from disco tech bar room set) by Cherelle Capra
Plethora & ZOZ posters by Anya Ohmai (free at Rhapsody behind the stage at landing point)

IKON – Ascension eyes *sahara* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Lassitude & Ennui – Bijou heels *gold* (new) by Jackal Ennui (photo 3)
LeLutka – Canto hair by Thora Charron (photo 3)

Not your Princess!

Not Your Princess!
Hello! I’m Lola and I’m not like the other princesses in the kingdom. I don’t like running about in fancy dresses and I don’t like being the typical princess. You can find me in the underbelly of the kingdom causing riots and fights with the local kinsfolk. This time I didn’t bother to take off my tiara when I ran amok in the kingdom. There were rumors about a princess who was different than the others and lo and behold that princess was me.

Not Your Princess!
Well since I was a princess of course I had my own escorts. I had an affinity with my stripper pole and I would take it everywhere with me. I would just plop it in the front where everybody can see me and I would dance seductively. Despite many requests for me to take off my clothes I never did. I was a tease and if any person dared to touch me they would meet the wrath of my guards. My guards adored me, I treated them with far more respect than my sisters. After all, they were pretty much the closest to friends I would ever have that were not of royal blood.

Not Your Princess!
As the kinsfolk of the kingdom soon realized they were in the presence of royalty, their behaviour changed. The men who were attempting to fondle me were now mortified and bowing in my presence. I looked at the crowd and realized the jig was up. They all knew who I was and they averted their gaze from me. I spoke to them and asked them to look at me as I spoke to them. I apologized for my ill mannered behaviour but there are times I just need to get out of the castle and be amongst the kinfolk to know what are the important views and issues that are ailing the kingdom. I also told them that this time I did not want to hide who I was when I was among them, and this is why I had kept my crown on. Although my choice of apparel was less than royal I wanted them to notice that I was wearing the clothing they worked so hard creating that my sisters declined as representations of work from our kingdom. As I was the eldest I get the final say in all matters regarding the kingdom and I wanted to assure my kinsfolk I will overrule my sisters opinion.

I loved the way my hair was styled by ploom and it is available at the Fantasy Collective until July 20th. There are several colors to choose from or you can choose the fatpack version which is by far a great value. The top is by Sakide and features a HUD that allows you to change the texture of the spikes on the back of the jacket to different metals or you can hide the spikes as I did in this post. You can also change the texture of the tank top to coordinate with your outfit., S

Items Worn:

Pose prop: .ploom. Heartbreaker

I Find You’re Gone

Just a few hours left of World Goth Faire 2014; You can still acquire all the wonderful items today if you haven’t dropped by.

I have been in somewhat of a social funk lately and the music of Wolfsheim always seems to soothe me when I am having problems. And I thought the music fit appropriately with the Solitude poses by [Black Tulip].

I Find You're Gone

I am wearing a variety of items available at World Goth Faire this year. The outfit is by Sakide and it is called “Excess”. The outfit itself comes with leggings that fit SLINK High Feet and I loved the way Kinu textured the item. Adding a bit of latex allure with a touch of lace accents.

I Find You're Gone

Normally I don’t like wearing anything that bears a crucifix, but I liked the unique style of the heels by Dark Passions. I thought they worked perfectly with the outfit.

I Find You're Gone

Last but not least I want to focus on the makeup available at World Goth Faire this year. There were so many talented creators who provided beautiful makeup. In the photo below I am wearing eye makeup by Pin Me Down and lipstick by Beautiful Freak. I am also wearing a facial piercing by ellabella that appears to look like makeup in this pic. I am also wearing a lovely manicure by Dark Passions, it is the “Shades of Red” set and I love the change in gradient between all the nails in the set. I picked the one that was the most red.

Available at WGF 2014 – today is last day
2.0 Lip Makeup: BF Wonderland lipstick – black/blood red @ Sium Sim
2.0 Eye Makeup: PMD – Erius in midnight 2 @ Cursed Sim
Manicure: DP – Koffin Nails – Shades of Red Gradients @ Cursed Sim
Piercing: .:ellabella:. Saint – Hella – chin @ Cursed Sim
Eyes: !CS! Morrigan Purple @ Port Seraphine Sim
Shoes: DarK Passions – Slink High – Rusted Cross Heels (GREY) @ Cursed Sim
Jewelry: HoR Love Hurt Bleed earring – black | HoR Love Hurt Bleed necklace – black @ Cursed Sim
Hair Accessory: Spiked Headband – Purple/Silver Gacha Item by Dark Water Designs @ Cursed Sim
Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Excess Outfit Black @ Cursed Sim
Choker: ~HA~ Drusila Winged Choker- Red @ Port Seraphine
Poses: [Black Tulip] Solitude – Poses @ Port Seraphine

Other Items Used:
Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add)
Hair: .ploom. Shawna (small) – Ploomage
Skin: .tsg. Hope :: Vampy :: Bust :: Brows :: NT – Soft
Mesh Body Parts: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual | Slink AvEnhance Feet High M

The Crow Queen

Ever wonder what the Crow Queen looked like when she transformed back into her human form. This was the mystery that very many villagers had hoped to see. Alas, they were not fortunate enough to ever gaze upon the Crow Queen in her true form.
Sakide @ Fantasy Faire 2014

The Crow Queen was always surrounded by her subjects. Many were humans she transformed into crows but the vast majority were real crows. No one understood her power and strength amongst the crows. If only they knew her true secret.

Sakide @ Fantasy Faire 2014
Her Strength originated from the crows that constantly surrounded her. If there were no crows she was powerless.

Items Worn:

Posebox by Savoir Faire (SFS) – The Crows

Sakide & Ploom New Releases

Sakide has joined with other designers to participate in this wonderful event called the “Monochromatic Fair”. As usual Kinu goes above and beyond with her releases and this outfit is sexy comes with heels and you can change textures of the entire outfit. Her chosen colors for the Fair are Rosso and Porpora but she also made other colors.

I started off the evening pampering myself with a avocado mask and placed my head up in curls. I was relaxing and also did my nails while the mask was drying.
Sakide & Ploom

I was trying to do this sneakily as my toddler was napping on his bed in my room. But to my dismay he woke up full of energy like always.
Sakide & Ploom

He screamed at my green mask and called me a monster so I washed off the mask to show him it was still me LOL.
Sakide & Ploom

So I sat back down at my vanity table and took out my soda can curlers. I got the perfect curls I wanted for another evening looking for trouble. I also gave my son some ice cream so he can be extra sugared up when he met up with his dad.
Sakide & Ploom

Items Worn:

Poses by: Vanity Poses and poses

I didn’t realize today is May 2nd, which is the closing day of the event. Being in migraine hell for the past 3 days has made me lose my sense of time so I do apologize to those of you who want to grab this at the fair. But like all Fair releases they should be available at the mainstore soon. Also sorry for the less than stellar pics today, I’ve been having rezzing issues on every viewer I try.

Sakide @ 100 Block

If you haven’t visited 100 Block yet, you have a few days to grab these lovelies from Sakide. When I tried on “The Block” outfit I pretty much wore it for 2 weeks. But here I am finally showing you what awesomeness you are missing. I got a little pose happy also, I picked up the “Stance” poses by Vanity Poses at Pose Fair and I did a photo montage of myself.

Sakide & VanityPoses

I loved how Kinu added leggings and gloves to this outfit and the texturing on the outfit made it the perfect gothic outfit for me to prance about in. I also picked up the awesome Dread boots by Razor at The Block but they are available in-store also.

You can style this outfit anyway you can think of. For some reason I was channeling a dear friend of mine who wears a ton of Pink XD

Outfit Details:

Wild Nights!!!

Ever had one of those days when you just want to go out and have a ton of fun without any consequences. Well this was my theme for this picture set.

Here I am primping and preening for a wild night out on the town. With no regrets on what crazy stunts I will pull. I set up my hair in this wild style that I love. It makes me feel glamourous and sexy. I put on my favorite dress that accentuates all my assets in just the right places. Last I topped off my outfit with a bit of color, I wore these to die for high heels in sky blue. I kept the accessories minimal, so I only wore my broken heart ring and gumball earrings.

Wild Nights

I have the perfect guy at my side and the evening is going great. He decided he wanted to take artsy fartsy pics of me.


Alas, this girl is a little impatient and I got caught taking my own picture. Woops!

Style Details:
Outfit:[ SAKIDE ] Swank Dress Black @ Whore Couture Faire 3 | _CD_Gossa BabyBlue @ Whore Couture Faire 3

Body:+>A&A<+ Princess Blithe Eyeshadow – B/Y/Pi | {D.A} Ari – Paumette Freckles (Tintable) | Izzie’s – Kaelyn Eyeliner | *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add) | little bones. Spellbook | Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual | Slink AvEnhance Feet High M | {Dead Apples} Ari – Porcelain (LblBrows) | Ari – Eye Brows II | BF Digital eyes – purple

Jewelry: Cute Poison – Hush Piercing Neons | Lolapop Blood Moon Necklace Gacha – Blue | [Atooly] Gumball Earrings – Red |[Atooly] My Broken Heart Red Ring

Poses by oOo Studios

Until the end of the world! – Futurewave Final Post

Futurewave Final Post

Items @ Futurewave
@-~ISD F DarkNet Hair ~ Sky Blue [Rigged Mesh]
@-~ISD DarkNet Hairbase ~ Both Sides [tintable]
BF Eyeshadow . Rocket Fuel . Ashes
BF Digital eyes – purple
*Epic* Mesh Neo Mega Stompers {Coal}
*pm* HoloVisor: Kawaii DEATH – Blue/Green
:*:CPD:*: Ceti Pendant (Women)
:{MV}: C&C Dress (M) Nos
~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails Appliers – Circuit Carbon

Other Items Worn:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
MIA14 … Pale} EMBER Makeup No Bra
MIA14 … LASHES for Ember -thick w/cateye liner
MIA14 … EYEBROW, GeekChic black
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add)

Futurewave Final Post

Items Available @ Futurewave:
[Ponka Designs] Alcor outfit
BF Eyeshadow . Rocket Fuel . Ashes
BF Digital eyes – purple
:{MV}: Derezzed Boots Onyx
Geek-Trooper BionicMask -Black-

Other items Worn:
MIA14 … Pale} EMBER Makeup No Bra
MIA14 … LASHES for Ember -thick w/cateye liner
MIA14 … EYEBROW, GeekChic black
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Futurewave Final Post

Items from Futurewave:
[ a.e.meth ] – Circuit Tattoo (stomach)
[ a.e.meth ] – Circuit Tattoo (chest)
[ a.e.meth ] – Circuit Tattoo (inner chest)
BF Digital eyes – purpleᦠ枼
:{MV}: Derezzed Boots Onyx
[ SAKIDE ] Cybtech Outfit

Other Items Worn:
MIA14 … Pale} EMBER Makeup No Bra
MIA14 … LASHES for Ember -thick w/cateye liner
MIA14 … EYEBROW, GeekChic black
*Alice Project* Venom Cyberlox
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Futurewave Final Post

Items @ Futurewave:
BF Heavy Metal lipstick – violet
:{MV}: Derezzed Boots Onyx
=BFI// Viper Helmet – Female Fit V1.2
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
[ SAKIDE ] Virtuality Dress
BF Digital eyes – purple

Other Items Worn:
[monso] My Hair – Elsa/ Regular Pack 1 (head part)
MIA14 … Pale} EMBER Makeup No Bra
MIA14 … EYEBROW, GeekChic black

Yesterday was the closing day of Futurewave. My intention was to get these posts out during this week but alas being ill has muddled with my plans. If you get lucky, some of these stores will begin to carry these items in their mainstores soon.