New poses from [an lar] at We Love Roleplay

[an lar] has a pack of cute new poses out at the current round of We Love Roleplay. The ‘Silver Series’ pose pack consists of 5 different static poses with their mirrors.

new [an lar] poses @ We Love Roleplay

Glam Affair – Amberly II skin *blue ice* by Aida Ewing
IKON – Charm Eyes *clarity* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Doe – Summer 2/tone hair by Helyanwe Vindaloo
Luxuria – Naughty Knees by Roslin Petion
Tres Blah – Babydoll Dress *vinyl* by Julliette Westerburg (new) Collab88 – Allison Boots *eclipse* by Darling Monday
Tentacio – Goblin Purse by May Tolsen
[an lar] poses – The Silver Series by Katya Valeska (new) We Love Roleplay

location: Intro

A cute summery dress with fresh pastel colours…

That is how SySy Chapman of SYSY’s describes her newest creation called Summertime. The cute mini-dress is decorated with a delicate flower pattern and shows off the bosom. They are available in 6 colours and standard sizing but also work well with the popular mesh bodies. These dresses are a wonderful addition to your summer wardrobe. You can find the Summertime dresses at this round of ON9 and as always, one of the colours will be 20% to 50% off the regular price.

fruit stand...

Credits on right:
PXL – Shara skin makeup 2 by Hart Larsson (new) We Love Roleplay
IKON – Sovereign eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh hands and Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Truth – Damaris hair by Truth Hawks (new) The Arcade
SYSY’s – Summertime dress by SySy Chapman (new) ON9
LaGyo – Panarea Coller by Gyorgyna Lamia (new) Collab88
Tentacio – Dorayaki bag by May Tolsen
Le Poppycock poses by Olivia Lalonde & Julliette Bade

Credits on left:
PXL – Shara skin makeup 2 by Hart Larsson (new) We Love Roleplay
IKON – Sovereign eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh hands, flat Feet and Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Elikatira – Early hair by Elikapeka Tiramisu
SYSY’s – Summertime dress by SySy Chapman (new) ON9
Sakka’s Studio – JP Wooden Sandals by Sakka Flow (new) Mizu: A Rainy Story
Maxi Gossamer – Summer Candy Drew Drops Earrings by Maxi Gossamer (new) Collab88
Le Poppycock poses by Olivia Lalonde & Julliette Bade

location: Vita Nova at D&CO land

Who wants ice cream?

Katat0nik’s new ice cream dresses are adorable and out now at the Kawaii Project. The bright coloured dresses are decorated with ice cream cones and cupcakes and fit SLink’s physique mesh body and Maitreya’s mesh body. There are 6 colours of the dress to choose from.

Also from the Kawaii Project are Atomic’s Yumyum Leggings, Angelica’s pretty Mina skin, Due’s cute Jude hair, Booger’s RAWRtch 3D watch and a bag of goodies from Tentacio.

ice cream dresses...

As well, Imeka has 2 necklaces on offer at the Kawaii Project. The yummy Cupcake Necklace I paired with Katat0nik’s dresses and comes with a hud allowing up to 4 colour changes of the bow, top and bottom parts of the cupcake. The Bow Necklace also has a hud allowing a change of colours of the bows and 2 metal colours of the links.

Imeka @ the Kawaii Project 05/15

Kawaii Project Credits
Angelica – Mina:sugar skin by Lindsay Rozen
Due – Jude hair by Freya Dubled
Katat0nik – Ice Cream Dress by Katat0nik Pidgeon
Boogers – RAWRtch 3D by Zen Zarco
Atomic – Yumyum Leggings by Ivy Graves
Imeka – Cupcake Necklace with Bow and Bow Necklace with Pearls by NatiWilliams
Tentacio – Dorayaki Bag by May Tolsen

Other Credits
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Angelica – Mellow Lipstick by Lindsay Rozen
Glam Affair – moles from Lucy skin by Aida Ewing
Tres Blah – Sophie Blouse by Julliette Westerburg
Exile – Kissing Strangers hair by Kavar Cleanslate
Kirin poses by Carolina Sautereau

Apple Fall – Roses Jug by warehousefifteendesigns
Ionic – khokhloma cabinet and Colorful hanging lamps by lakua Arriaga
Fashionably Dead – Cat 7 Sitting Down and Cat 9 Ready to Pounce by Toast Bard
Bazar – Stockholm Bedroom Painting 02 by Ria Bazar @ 6th Republic
Floorplan – Teardrop Chair and Throw Rug by Tegan Serin (new) Collab88
Trompe Loeil – Garden Bard Chair & Table by Cory Edo (new) Collab88

The Freakshow

Carnival seems to be the theme for this round of TAG.

cat freakshow

NatiWilliams of Imeka created some yummy goodies you’d find at most carnivals. The popcorns is the rare item and is a decoration. The Cotton Candies and Snow Cones have a hold pose and the Candy Pops attach to your mouth. I love that she chose black as it just makes the bright colours pop.

Imeka @ TAG

Jackal Ennui of Lassitude & Ennui went outside her comfort zone and created these adorable freakish cats. The original size of the cats are small but as you can see I resized several of them. The concept, mesh and textures are by Jackal Ennui and the text by Aposiopesis Fullstop. Jackal asked Aposiopesis to write a small biography for each cat. Touching a cat will let you read about it.

Lassitude & Ennui @ TAG

What Next – Cream Popcorn Machine, Pink Stripe Treats Table and Ferris Wheel Cupcakes by Winter Thorn
Kalopsia – Levitation Table by Isabeau Baragula
Lassitude & Ennui – The Quirk & Co Traveling Sideshow Cats by Jackal Ennui
ISON – Fortune Tent, Fortune Teller Table, Table Lantern, Coffee Table and Curtain Kit by Harry Hyx
Remarkable Oblivion – The Doll Maker – Iva Plague Doll by Imnotgoing Sideways
Imeka – Sweets of Circus Balloons, Popcorns, Cotton Candy, Snow Cones and Candy Pops by NatiWilliams
Tentacio – Eye Jar by May Tolsen
Apt B – Carnial Hanging by FadeArcade

Other Credits
Second Spaces – Big Top Backstage – barrels & stuff by Elle Kirshner
BoogersCircus Tent Color by Zen Zarco
HIDEKI – Ticket Booth by Hideki Carami
MMG #Null – Rug B-#1 by Masomaso Quan

Goth in spring!

With spring here even my old gothy heart wants to wear a dress and put flowers in hair, and I was in luck and found some gorgeous items.

Imeka’s Delicate Skull Choker & Ring set is from the current round of the Kawaii Project. A hud is included with the pretty set to change the colour of the skull. Also from Imeka over at IDK is this pretty flower wreath. I loved this black version as you usually don’t find black flower wreaths. There is also a very pretty, bright pink and purple wreath so you have a choice, though I’d pickup both if I were you.

cute goth from Imeka

My lovely maxi dress is from Third Eye over at The Dressing Room. It does come in 2 other colours but I prefer soft greyish version. Perfect for a day at the carnival.

day at the carny...

Atomic – Song Hibernate skin by Ivy Graves
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Illusory – Love Lips (closed)
Buzzeri – Gel Liner by Eleri Catlyn
Glam Affair – freckles from Cleo skin by Aida Ewing
LeLutka – Canto hair by Thora Charron
Third Eye – Tiedye Maxi Dress by Anya McConach & Ekilem Melodie (new) TDR
Random Matter – Zula Platforms by Nikohl Hax
Imeka – Delicate Skull Choker & Ring by NatiWilliams (new) Kawaii Project
Imeka – Flower Crown by NatiWilliams (new) IDK

Tentacio – Goblin Purse by May Tolsen
Bella Elephante – Bloom Slink Nails by Melissajeanne Flores
Imeka – pose from Kimbra pose pack by NatiWilliams (new) kustom9 (photo 2)
Addme – pose from pose pack 026 by Ryo2014 (new) Pose Fair 2015 (photo 1)

location: Everwinter

family reunion…

Ivey Deschanel of Snatch just released the cute Mamrie Dress. This a-line shape dress has a delicate flower pattern, no sleeves and a lace collar. With most of Snatch’s mesh items, you purchase by size so you do have to demo the dress for the correct size. When you buy the size, I chose small, you receive the dress in 6 or 7 colours. I’m wearing the black but there are some bright, fun colours too. The adorable mini also works well as a top over leggings, capris, jeans, etc. I’m wearing my dress over net leggings by Schadenfreude and my fantastic shoes are from Random Matter.

family reunion...

Glam Affair – Ellie skin by Aida Ewing (last FLF)
IKON – Hope eyes by Ikon Innovia
annaA – Claudia shape by Annalesca Ashbourne
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
NOX – Shock Shadow by Anya McConach
Izzie’s – Teeth 8 by Izzie button
Illusory – Love Lips (closed)
Fashionably Dead – New Romance Side Bangs hair by Toast Bard
Snatch – Mamrie Dress by Ivey Deschanel (new)
Schadenfreude – Miami Fishnet Leggings by Allegory Malaprop
aisling – Simple Nosechain and Undercim Nosering by Druunah Esharham
Snatch – Leather Spiked Bangles and No. 9 Bracelets by Ivey Deschanel
Common Cents – Cut-Off Cameo Necklace (NA)
Random Matter – Zula Platforms by Nikohl Hax
Tenjin – Siren Song tattoo by Heidi Volare
Tentacio – Goblin Purse by May Tolsen
Grafica poses by Alyx Aerallo

location: Purple Crayons

on my own…

I’m listening to the “Les Miserables” soundtrack while writing my blog today. I adore the music.

Tentacio has some really cute items out for Candy Fair. I love the Cotton Candy Skirts. They are billowy skirts with a filmy overlayer. They come in 7 soft colours and the standard mesh sizes. I’ve paired them with Tentacio’s Bubble Gum Heels. These cute shoes have heels made of colourful gum balls and are compatible with SLink high feet. There are 5 shoe colours available. There is also a gacha machine filled with 8 common cotton candy and 2 rare mice, one with a kite and one holding food.

My crop top comes from the {yumyums} booth at Candy Fair and there are several colours to choose from.

Tentacio @ Candy Fair 2014

Tentacio @ Candy Fair 2014

Plethora has a booth filled with loads of gacha goodies. They’ve collaborated with Pink Fuel on the Mochi Dango treat. It comes with a very pretty skin (made by Pink Fuel) and it attaches to your mouth. On touch it changes between 2 colour combinations. There are several to choose from. The Bubble Gum is fun, once attached it blows to 3 sizes. The gum also comes in several colours.

Sweet Idea is a very cool item. When it first attaches you don’t see anything, but depending on which one you purchase, you say the word and a bubble forms over your head depicting the item you say. For instance in the photo below, it is the soda one I am wearing so I say soda or cola in chat and the cloud then forms showing a soda bottle. There are several to choose from.

Plethora @ Candy Fair 2014

{yumyums} – Frosting Crop Top by Iokko Molko (new)
Tentacio – Cotton Candy Skirt by May Tolsen (new)
Tentacio – Bubble Gum Heels by May Tolsen (new)
Tentacio – Sweet Day Gacha by May Tolsen (new)
Plethora – Mochi Dango (w/Dango skin by Pink Fuel) by plethorasl (new)
Plethora – Bubble Gum by plethorasl (new)
Plethora – Sweet Idea by plethorasl (new)

Other Credits
The Skinnery – Bohemian eyes *14* by Umazuma Metaluna
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and High Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Lamb – Stacy hair *variety* and Scrunchie Bracelet *teal* by Lamb Bellic
Half-Deer – NEKOlace *calico* by Halogen Magic
Artilleri – Glitter Love earrings by Antonia Marat
Imeka poses by NatiWilliams

location: Moon Village

beach blanket bingo…

Yes I’m getting ready for a little beach party and kudos to anyone who recognizes the title of my post today. 😉

beach blanket bingo...

Over at the Theme Park, Frogstar’s very nice Kelikea Beach Hut comes in light or dark with 2 different versions of each colour. Version 1 is just the hut itself and is 150L for each colour. Version 2 comes with scripted cushions with room for up to 3 avatars and 18 poses per avatar. This version is 250L for each colour. All are unrigged mesh so they can be resized.

Also at the Theme Park, Alouette has released a cute Beach Tent that includes 8 poses and texturing changing towel. The tent is unrigged mesh and can be resized.

Frogstar & Alouette @ Theme Park

Fresh Face has released a cute new skin called Nora, which comes in 4 skin tones. You receive 6 skins of each tone, 3 with freckles/blush and 3 without and each 3 are cleavage, no cleavage and smaller breasts. They’ve also put out an applier for the SLink Physique mesh body.

Fresh Face's Nora skin

Fresh Face's Nora skin


Fresh Face – Nora skin by PeachieMuah (new)
IKON – Ascension eyes *sahara* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and Flat Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Tuli – Eyeliner by Tuli Asturias
Pink Fuel – Juicy Gloss *lingerie pink* by Mochi Milena
Soiree – Kaya Brows *light blonde* by Julep Mixemup
Ploom – Boomer hair *candy* by Helyanwe Vindaloo
Pixicat – Geometric Swimsuit by areve
Imeka poses by NatiWilliams

Ionic – Boho Summer Swing by lakua Arriaga (new) Chapter 4
Tentacio – Peach Season Fruit Bucket *blue* by May Tolsen
O.M.E.N. – Summer in Japan Bear Cookies and Summer Drink by damascusvera (new) Chapter 4
Frogstar – Kelikea Beach Hut by Ravenna Rossini (new) Theme Park
Alouette – Beach Tent by Scarlet Chandrayaan (new) Theme Park

Standby Inc – Beach Radio *kip* by StandbyInc
LISP – Orange Pop, Suntan Cream, Beach Magazine, Tutti Lounger, Tutti Fruiti Parasol, Tutti Fruiti Deck Chair and Tutti Fruiti *lemon* by Pandora Popstar
Ohmai – Coco Buddy Hedgehog B *sandy*, Hedgehog Castle, Buried Hedgehog *sandy*, Squirt Hedgehog *sandy*, Peek-a-boo Hedgehog *sandy* and Lazy Summer Scene by Anya Ohmai
Flowey – Clothing Optional Beach Sign by Flutter Memel
8f8 – Driftwood Fence, Driftwood Decorative Grass, Garden Table and Strawberry Swirl Dessert by 8f8
VCO – Happy Summer Picnic *pink & grape aids* by yamette
Art Dummy – Duck Pull Toy by Gala Charron
What Next – Surfboards by Winter Thorn
Keke – Bucket of Lemonades by Kean Kelly
B.C.C. – Roly Poly Picnic Basket *happy picnic* by vitamingirl
Boogers – BoxKite *pink blotch* by Zen Zarco

Sugar Skulls from Sax Shepherd

I love sugar skulls and day of the dead and for this year’s World Goth Fair, Sax Shepherd designed a beautiful pair of Calavera Sugar Skull boots. These boots come in 7 leather colours to choose from, each with a hud to change the lace, eyelets and piping colours. You can also change the sugar skull image from greyscale to colour. I HAD to have a pair of these amazing boots.

Sax Sheperd Designs @ World Goth Fair

For the gachas Sax designed a gorgeous choker and earring set called Coffin Jewelry. There are several metals and several designs in the gachas except for the Ankh, Pentacle and Skull versions in Gunmetal. These 3 are for sale in the booth with 50% of the proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation charity.

Sax Sheperd Designs @ World Goth Fair

Both the jewelry and boots are 100% original mesh designed.

Gothic princess


Elysium – Taylor skin *milk* by Aleida Rhode
IKON – Promise eyes *fjord* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Glam Affair – Cleo Lipstick 14 by Aida Ewing
Belleza – moles from Ria skin by Shyla Diggs
Soiree – Last Call Eyeshadow with Liner *bruised* by Julep Mixemup
Milk – Oriental Bun *black* by Milk Chan
Bishes Inc – Lolita Top *black* by Chu Quar (new) The Big Show
Tentacio – Cabaret Corset *black* by May Tolsen
Snatch – Hipster Panties *black velvet* by Ivey Deschanel
Songbird – Deviltry Tights *black* by Nimil Blackflag (new) World Goth Fair
Sax Shepherd Designs – Lolita Boots Calavera *black* and Coffin Jewelry Set *rust/blood* by Sax Shepherd (new) World Goth Fair
random Matter – Arrietty Head Jewel *gold*, Bastille Cuff *black* and Sanza Nose Ring *gold* by Nikohl Hax
Tenjin – Passion Tattoo by Heidi Volare
Niqotine poses last picture (closed) / Olive Juice poses for boots (closed) / Reel Expressions poses for Jewelry (closed)

location: Aitui

Jane Austen at the Seraphim Social

This round’s theme for the Seraphim Social is Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. I loved this book and, of course, the movie with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. I also love the clothing from this time. The dresses were simpler, not all the corsets and big puffy skirts of Victorian times.

Pride & Prejudice @ the Seraphim Social

I picked up B.C.C.’s beautiful Jane Empire Dress. It’s something I had to have. It comes in 3 colours, all pale and soft, and has a long bow in back. Distorted Dreams has the pretty Caroline Necklace & Earring set that I felt complimented the gown. I also could not pass up Tentacio’s Jane Hat. I love the shape and it has a large colour-changing bow. And lastly, I paired it off with’s Lizzie Slippers in golden. All of these items can be found at the Seraphim Social.

As I was looking for a perfect hair style for my ensemble, Tram came out with some new hair and the D208 style was perfect. It was made for this time period and I ran to pick it up.

Now I’m all set for a stroll on this lovely spring day. I just need a young man to accompany me and it’d be perfect. 😉

Pride & Prejudice @ the Seraphim Social


skin: Fresh Face – Heather *snow*
eyes: IKON – Promise *fjord*
hands/feet: SLink – Mesh Hands and Flat Mesh Feet
hair: Tram – D208 hair *cork* (new)
dress: B.C.C. – Jane Empire Dress *lace* (new) Seraphim Social
jewelry: Distorted Dreams – Caroline Necklace & Earrings (new) Seraphim Social
hat: Tentacio – Jane Hat *beige* (new) Seraphim Social
shoes: – Lizzie Slippers *golden* (new) Seraphim Social
poses: Imeka