A Sexy Babydoll Dress from Katat0nik

With a spring theme for this round of Collabor88, Katat0nik Pidgeon designed a sexy little babydoll dress. The fitmesh dress is made for SLink’s Physique mesh body but will fit Maitreya’s Lara mesh body as well. Always demo before buying; I always do. The pretty dress is available in 10 colours, from darks to pastels.

Katat0nik's Butterfly Lace Babydoll Dress

Katat0nik's Butterfly Lace Babydoll Dress

Photo 1:
Izzie’s – Anya Skin, Anya’s Lipgloss, Anya’s Eyeshadow by Izzie Button (new) Skin Fair
IKON – Charm Eyes *fjord* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Exile – Blink hair by Kavar Cleanslate (new) The Arcade
Katat0nik – Butterfly Lace Babydoll *garden* by Katat0nik Pidegon (new) Collabor88
Cae – Disco Necklace by Caelan Hancroft
Tuty’s poses by tutys

Photo 2:
Izzie’s – Anya Skin, Anya’s Eyeshadow by Izzie Button (new) Skin Fair
IKON – Ascension Eyes *sahara* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Physique Body by Siddean Munro
Izzie’s – Qopi Matt Lipstick *red* by Izzie Button
Truth – Polilla Hair by Truth Hawk (new) Uber
Katat0nik – Butterfly Lace Babydoll *red* by Katat0nik Pidegon (new) Collabor88
Cae – Entwined Necklace & Heart Solitaire Earrings by Caelan Hancroft
Flowey poses by Flutter Memel

location for both: The Outer Garden

Perfect dress for New Year’s Eve!

Most people will be out partying tomorrow night to bring in the new year, and I have the perfect dress for you. Out now at N21 is the sexy Milly Dress from Stories&Co. by Flowey. The silky sheath dress sports a thigh-high split on each side with a low cut front and back. It is available in many colours, from darks to pastels.

where's our dates?

PXL – Shara Winter skin by Hart Larsson (new) Wayward Market
IKON – Charm eyes *clarity* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
Maitreya – Mesh Hands, Feet & Lara Body by Onyx LeShelle
[monso] – Claire hair by Morphine Janick (new) Uber
Stories&Co. by Flowey – Milly Dress by Flutter Memel (new) N21
Reign – Karizma Pumps by kenadeecole
Yummy – Pearl & Diamond Bracelet & Necklace by Polyester Partridge
Le Poppycock poses by Olivia Lalonde & Julliette Bade

Tres Blah – Soiree Table, Balloons, Gifts and Curtain Backdrop by Julliette Westerburg
keke – Champagne Bubblissimo bucket, Champagne Flutes, Champagne Bon Bons by Kean Kelly
Exposeur – The White Rooms by RubyStarlight Writer

Cute occult dresses from Katat0nik

Katat0nik Pidgeon always designs the cutest dresses and for this round of SaNaRae her Occult Dress is a must have for all the lil’ witches school wardrobes this season!

casting spell...

The dresses are designed for the SLink Physique and Maitreya Lara mesh bodies. They are original mesh and hand drawn textures in Katat0nik’s own artwork. For SaNaRae, they are selling at a 2 for 1 special sale (white & wine, blue & purple, grey & dark grey and dark mauve & black).


Atomic – Lilith skin by Ivy Graves
IKON – Charm eyes *quicksilver* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body by Onyx LeShelle
Clemmm – Heavy Eyebags and Death’s Door (eye makeup) by Clem Velinov
Antielle – Aniki Scar by Jareth Cygnet
Angelica – Chopped Lip Lipstick by Lindsay Rozen (new) SaNaRae
mimpi – Hair 11 by Pique Crystal (new) SaNaRae
Katat0nik – Occult Dress by Katat0nik Pidgeon (new) SaNaRae
Pure Poison – Nikko Sneakers by Shaleene Kenin (new) Uber
se//mi – Fujutsu Tattoo (arms & hands) by aspencicada (new) SaNaRae
Kibitz – Hamsa Bead Necklace by Kathya Szczepanski
Alchemy – The Magi Spellbook by Nina Helix & Tyr Rozenblum
An lar poses by Katya Valeska (photo 1)
Axix – Lord Crow pose by Elise Mannequin (photo 2)

location: Chateau Village

The Beauty of Colour at Uber

Nylon Pinkney, owner of Nylon Outfitters, designed some beautiful India-inspired clothing for this round of Uber.

For those of you who have read my blog over the years know that pink is my favourite colour and until today I have not been able to show you the exact shade that makes me squeal in delight. NO’s Couture Saree comes in 3 different colours, including the luscious pink I am wearing. It’s partially mesh and system layer and also is designed for Maitreya’s Lara mesh body. The henna tattoo on my hands is also from Nylon Outfitters.

Another item at Uber is from Little Bones. When you purchase a colour pack of the Shaaswat hair you receive 2 versions, one with just the head jewel and one with both jewel and scarf which includes a hud to change scarf colours.

India inspired...

The other clothing item Nylon designed for Uber is the Tunic Dress. It comes in several colours/patterns and includes the leggings. Olive has 2 hair designs, one of which is Powder which is a straight hair which falls below the butt. Yummy has pretty charm necklaces which comes in several designs.


Uber Credits
Nylon Outfitters – Couture Saree *pink* by Nylon Pinkney
Nylon Outfitters – Tunic Dress *elephant* by Nylon Pinkney
Nylon Outfitters – Henna Tattoo for Hands by Nylon Pinkney
Little Bones – Shaaswat hair by Nova Faerye
Olive – the Powder hair by naminaeko
Yummy – Circle Charm Necklace *bindi* by Polyester Partridge

Other Credits
PXL – Mia 50Shades skin by Hart Larsson
IKON – Promise eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Izzie’s – Teeth 7 by Izzie Button (photo 2)
Random Matter – Sanza Nose Chain by Nikohl Hax
Kibitz – Bindi #17 by Kathya Szczepanski (photo 2)
Tuty’s poses by tutys (photo 1)
LAP poses (closed) (photo 2)

location: Caladan

It’s a dragon!!

The other day while out for a stroll I discovered a dragon in the ruins. As I got near the dragon set me on fire so it’s best to stay back some. I made an amazing recovery. 😉

it's a dragon!

Senzafine has a beautiful gown out at the Fantasy Collective. Besides coming in the standard mesh sizes, there are 2 colour packs available for purchase. Each pack contains 4 gorgeous colour combinations.

Araceli gown by Senzafine @ TFC

PXL – Mia 50shades skin by Hart Larsson
IKON – Promise eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Little Bones – Shaaswat hair by Nova Faerye (new) Uber
Senzafine – Araceli Gown by Synjari Myriam (new) Fantasy Collective
Yummy – Circle Charm Bindi Necklace by Polyester Partridge (new) Uber
With Love & Squalor poses (closed)

location: Avalon

Now’s the time for summer wear…

Being spring, it’s time to think about what new things you need for summer. Over at Chapter 4 Imeka has new matching tops and skirts for sale for only 91L each. The tops and skirts are sold separately so you can get a set or mix and match textures. I love the little crop top with a ruffle, perfect not only with skirts but jeans, shorts, etc. The cute skirts have a highish waist and ruffle on the bottom and is easy to pair with other tops as well. There are 9 textures to choose from.

thinking summer...

Imeka @ Chapter 4

Rotten Toe – Winter Skin Mimo by Elsa Liebknecht
IKON – Charm eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Mid Feet by Siddean Munro
Soiree – Ariel Brows by Julep Mixemup
Little Bones – Lava hair by Nova Faerye (new) Uber
Imeka – Luna Top and Luna Skirt by NatiWilliams (new) Chapter 4
Fri.day – Eve Heels by Darling Monday
Katat0nik – Fancy Milk Necklace by Katat0nik Pidgeon
Imeka poses by NatiWilliams

Stockholm Bedroom Painting 02 by Ria Bazar (new) 6th Republic
Balaclava – Camden Room Divider by Uriah Eulenberg (new) 6th Republic

lazy days of summer…

Out now at Chapter 4 is 2 cute daisy ring sets from Imeka. There are 2 colours in each set and for left and right hands. One pack has black and white daisy’s and the other has blue-tipped and pink-tipped daisy rings. There is also a very nice pose set of lays from Imeka. All the poses in my post are from this pose pack of 6 poses.

Imeka @ Chapter 4

One outfit is from Nylon Outfitters which consists of boho denim shorts, a lace halter and a wonderful kimono. Blueberry’s rippped denim shorts and Pixicat’s bohemian top is my other outfit. Yummy provided the Boho Necklace & Earrings, the Hamsa Necklace and the hippy shades. These chunky platforms are from Pure Poison. I had shoes like these when I was a teenager. Lastly, the rugs are from Cheeky Pea. Everything I mentioned is from this round of Uber except the Hamsa necklace.


Uber Credits
Nylon Outfitters – Lace Halter, Boho Denim Shorts and Kimono by Nylon Pinkney
Yummy – Round Hippy Shades and Boho Necklace & Earrings by Polyester Partridge
Blueberry – Ripped Denim Shorts by blueberryxx
Pixicat – Bohemian Top by areve
Pure Poison – Boho Platforms by Shaleene Kenin
Cheeky Pea – Delilah Blossom Rugs by Isla Gealach

Other credits
Glam Affair – Lulu skin by Aida Ewing
IKON – Hope eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands & Medium Mesh Feet and Physique (right look only) by Siddean Munro
Nylon Outfitters – Bindi by Nylon Pinkney (right)
Izzie’s – Teeth 7 by Izzie Button
Tableau Vivant – Harukaze by M4ri1yn Magic (right)
Nylon Outfitters – Pixie Cut w/headband by Nylon Outfitters (left)
Yummy – Hamsa Necklace by Polyester Partridge
Imeka – Daisy Rings and Lay Down Poses by NatiWilliams (new) Chapter 4

The beauty of Mistero Hifeng’s work…

Everyone needs to head over to Lea29 to check out the hauntingly beautiful sculptures of Mistero Hifeng. The exhibit is amazing and in the past few weeks I’ve seen many photos on Flickr taken by visitors.

Mistero Hifeng's work @ Lea29

I know you’re eyeing my fantastic shoes and asking “where can I get those?”. The Unicorn shoes are from Pixicat as is the cute dress decorated in unicorns and are currently found at Collab88.

Mistero Hifeng's work @ Lea29

Glam Affair – Sia skin *fairy tales* by Aida Ewing (new) Collab88
IKON – Promise eyes by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands and High Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Taketomi – U.F.O. Sweater hair by Bella Earst (new) Seasons Story
Pixicat – Unicorn Dress and Unicorn Heels by areve (new) Collab88
Yummy – Diamond Chandelier Earrings and Pearl & Diamond Bracelet by Polyester Partridge (new) Uber
Slouch poses by Eira Juliesse

location: Lea29

And a new year begins…

…and out first event is underway.  Uber began a few days ago and this round’s theme is “opulence”.  Hart Larsson of PXL has his beautiful Mia Opulence skin at the event.  It comes in 4 skin tones with 4 makeups of each tone.  Each makeup includes 5 eyebrow options, moles, freckles and cleavage layers. In the photo below are the 4 makeups in one of the skin tones available.

PXL @ Uber

Continuing with Sax Shepherd Designs’ Aphrodite collection from the last post, today I bring you the stunning Aphrodite Jeweled Stilettos. The shoes are designed for the SLink high feet, are 100% original mesh, materials enabled and feature an anklet of jewels cascading down into a stiletto heel. They are available in four metals, four satins and a special mirror lamé. They can also be purchased in packs which include the Decadence pack (the 4 metals), the Bridal pack (the satins) and the fat pack (all the shoes). The accompanying hud allows resizing and jewel changing which include diamonds, pearls, ruby and onyx. Single pairs go for $599L, bridal pack is $999L, decadence pack $1299L and fat pack for $1999L.

Jeweled Stilletos by Sax Shepherd Designs

PXL – Mia Opulence skin by Hart Larsson (new) Uber
IKON – Promise eyes *brown* by Ikon Innovia
annaA – Claudia Shape by Annalesca Ashbourne
SLink – Mesh Hands, High Mesh Feet and Physique (shoe closeups only) by Siddean Munro
Exile – Kissing Strangers hair by Kavar Cleanslate
League – Yve Pencil Dress *crimson* by Nena Janus
Sax Shepherd Designs – Aphrodite Jeweled Stiletto (new) Sax Shepherd
Izzie’s – Chunky Chain Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings by Izzie Button
Manifeste poses by July Raymaker

what does the fox say….

Hart Larsson of PXL has released a new version of his beautiful Mia skin for this round of Uber, called Macabre. It comes in the pale skin tone with 4 wonderful makeups. Each makeup includes 9 brow colour options, a cleavage option and nails remover.

PXL @ Uber

Also from Uber I found these wonderful long claw gloves from Baiastice, which comes in several colours, my hot shoes from Fri.day, the eyes and horns are from Izzie’s, Maxi Gossamer’s large cross necklace and hair from Truth, which includes the headband. Both hair and headband colours can be changed via a hud.

what did the fox say?

The sexy vintage corset outfit is from Pixicat at last round’s Collab88. I adore this outfit and it comes in a few really nice colours besides black. Lastly, the fox tattoo is from .Things. at the Fantasy Gacha.

family tree...

PXL – Mia skin *macabre* by Hart Larsson
Truth – Ambrosia hair w/headband by Truth Hawks
Maxi Gossamer – Bachata Chained Cross Necklace by Maxi Gossamer
Fri.day – Eve Heels *pitch* by Darling Monday
Baiastice – Long Gloves with Claws *black* by Sissy Pessoa
Izzie’s – Demon Eyes w/horns by Izzie Button

Other Credits
Matte – Shape 14 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Medium Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
PXL – Lipstick and Moles from Mia skin *apocalypse* by Hart Larsson
Pixicat – Vintage Corset Outfit by areve
.Things. – The Fox Leg Tattoo by Nheria (new) Fantasy Gacha
Reel Expressions poses (head shots) (closed)
Vain Inc poses (closed)(photo 2)
pda poses (closed) (photo 3)

Decor Credits
Nylon Outfitters – Wall Portraits – Anna, Dr Stephen, Miranda, Edward, Rachel by Nylon Pinkney
O.M.E.N. – Wizarding Table by damascusvera
Aria – Holden Radiator by Yelo Uriza
Indulge – Gothic Skull Pedestal by Starr Midal
Hearth & Home – Round black Antara Rug by BJ Barbosa
Molto Bene – B&W Parlor Skybox by Annunziata Macchi