On hiatus…

I’ll be back blogging on August 1, 2015.


Hello, I’ve been in SL for almost 8 years and blogging for about 6 years and I feel I need to take some me time so I’ll be away for a bit. I hope you’ve all enjoyed my blog and I’ll see you some time in the future. 😉

Have a fun summer!

Willow Llewellyn

3 thoughts on “On hiatus…

  1. You have to ask why an officer of the court (attorney) would attempt to bribe an officer of the law (cop). Maybe because he could. Maybe because he thought he’d get away with it. Maybe because he knows lawyers are not held accountable, even by the attorney ethics committees; and there would be good reason to believe this: he took care of (bribed) the right people directly or indirectly.

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