The world is just a little less pink now.

Hi! This is Lola Hienrichs I have not written on this blog for quite some time but I have some news to share with those of you who still follow Willow’s blog. A couple of weeks ago, Willow passed away peacefully in her sleep. Willow was the big sister I never had and we had been friends outside of SL for over the past 15 years. She loved everything PINK and it was the one color I loathed LOL but now I wish I can see her prancing around me in SL in her little pink outfits looking all gothy cute. She had a unique eye when it came to fashion and her style was admirable to many of her viewers. She made taking pictures in SL look so easy and I admired her talent for finding the best windlight and poses to compliment each outfit. This will be the last blog post on Dead as We, I can’t possibly keep posting on here any longer. I thought about it but this blog was always her lovechild and I was always just her annoying little sister.

If you see anything super pink, creepy, and gothic……Please think of Willow. That’s how she would want to be remembered. Us goth girls like our creepiness.

I leave you guys with the song that this blog is named after. You may have not known this but Willow was a huge fan of the band “Negative” which is a Finnish Rock band.

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