Finally made it to SL10

I popped over to check out some SL10 stuff. It’s pretty cool. I took one of the pod tours and just hopped off when I saw something I wanted to explore more. Makes it easier than just wandering around not knowing where to go first.

The first thing I could not help but notice was the Behemoth and I knew at once I had to climb it. Along the climb these little gnome like people told you the story of how the behemoth came to be. Once I made it to the top I fell off. You’ll notice me there in the water, I circled me. ;b You’ll also know why I had to stop partway up for a rest, that thing is feckin’ huge. hehehe I just started watching episodes of a brit sitcom called Mrs Brown’s Boys (that’s where I learned the word feckin’).

I also stopped by an exhibit that lets you float inside a big box of brightly coloured patterns. Probably wasn’t a good idea to wear the new cute dress by Eyelure, but live and learn right? But I liked the dress so if anyone was peeking up it I sure hope they got a good look. ;b





dress: Eyelure – Sleek Dress, ZZturq (new)
skin: Fresh Face – Poppy (new)
eyes: Poetic Colors – LL Ocean Blue
Lipstick: Pekka – Juicy Lips
shoes: Courtisane – Devoue Sandal
necklace: Miriel – Cross Your Heart Necklace (closed)
hair: Tram – A330
pose: Olive Juice (closed)

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