Your roleplaying needs…

We Love Roleplay is one of SL’s most popular events. It carries various quality items for all your roleplaying needs. In this round, Dead Dollz has a perfect clothing item that will fit all your Gorean fantasies. The lovely Kunoichi sheath comes in 5 colours and the standard mesh sizes. Each colour comes with sheer and for the modest, opaque versions. There is no alpha layer but I found none was needed. Not only did it fit the regular SL body perfectly but I’m wearing Physique and as you can see, another perfect fit.

Dead Dollz @ We Love Roleplay

Dead Dollz @ We Love Roleplay

PXL – Mia skin *pale* makeup 2 by Hart Larsson (new) We Love Roleplay
IKON – Perspective eyes *oxidation* by Ikon Innovia
annaA – Claudia shape by Annalesca Ashbourne
SLink – Mesh Hands and Physique Mesh Body by Siddean Munro
Belleza – Eyeliner 1 by Shyla Diggs
PXL – Lipstick 1 from Mia 50shades skin by Hart Larsson
Argrace – Tsubasa hair *black* by Rika Oyen
Dead Dollz – Kunoichi sheath by Kiddo Oh (new) We Love Roleplay
Zaara – Ayanna nosering *gold/crimson* by Zaara Kohime
Random Matter – Bastille Cuff *gold* by Nikohl Hax
Marukin poses by Valencia Southard

location: Blue Lotus Okiya – Renge Mura

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