Look of the Day

While hopping around the grid with Phire this past weekend on a lingerie binge, I came across this outfit from Goth1Co. The outfit comes complete with top, gloves, pants, and boots. Look at how fierce the boots are, I suppose they are to mimic your spinal cord but I may be wrong.I loved it so much. I topped off the outfit with a couple of things: I bought a really stunning posture collar at Goth1Co and the tattoo is by Kanival. The outfit alone has everything any bad girl would wear and it also appealed to my inner goth. I can’t go around wearing all kinds of pinks it drives me crazy. I took a visit to the Zodiac Event and purchased the skin by Essences. The hair is an older release by Lelutka but I actually decided to buy it finally. I am wearing eyes from one of my favorite eye creators in SL, I love how artistic CHUS eyes are.

Goth 1 Co

So I really wanted to show you a closeup of my face because I love it so much, I’m wearing a shape by Savoire Faire Shapes by Hybie Minx, the shape is called “Lola”. The shape was named after myself and its a more fuller shape. For us girls who like a little carne on our bones 😉 The shape is a little taller than I like to be in SL so I just edited the height a little. I am also wearing a freckle layer by Al Vulo with Essences skin. I’m not one to usually wear freckles but I loved how they looked on my skin. Lately I have been trying to wear skins closer to my RL skintone.

Goth 1 Co

Actually this set of eyes by CHUS has a 3rd eye option. You get a tattoo to wear under the 3rd eye. I absolutely loved it….but I didn’t want to stray too much from fancypants look I had going on.

Well I’m not really going to do credits because I named all the stores in my post and well I’m just a tad lazy today . Moikka ❤

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